New Year’s Eve 2014

Here we are at the end of 2014. In a few hours a new year will begin. Before it does, I thought I would spend a little time thinking about the year gone by. Our enforced chastity adventure began on January 13, 2014. I had ordered a couple of Chinese chastity devices in December 2013 and did a little experimenting for size and fit. So, in January I asked Mrs. Lion how she felt about locking me up. She agreed immediately, if not enthusiastically. So, on went one of the Chinese cages and Mrs. Lion took the keys.

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The rest of January was spent with me having quite a bit of discomfort. One cage was too big. Another, a very small one I bought, worked but was truly too small. I decided in typical lion fashion to go ahead and order a Jail Bird. Our time was well spent with the Chinese devices. We learned that a 2-inch ring let my balls escape, but a 1 3/4-inch version was comfortable and nothing fell out. In early February I ordered a Jail Bird.

In March the Jail Bird arrived. I wore it through the spring. The cage appeared a bit long. Peeing was chancy. My urethra wandered to the side almost all of the time. After considerable research and remeasuring, in June we decided to send the Jail Bird back and have the cage shortened. It was reduced from 1 3/4 to 1 1/4-inches in length. The new cage seemed too small, but after several weeks of wearing, it turned out to be just right.

Over the summer we did some traveling in our RV. Some of the travel time was spent with me uncaged. Since I was with Mrs. Lion 24 hours a day, there was no risk of cheating. I had purchased a small dog shock collar which was adapted to strap under my balls. Mrs. Lion used it a few times. It was effective for me, but she didn’t get into using it.

During the  year, Mrs. Lion worked on her disciplinary skills. By fall she was administering serious punishment spankings with a very painful paddle made worse by a layer of very coarse abrasive paper. By December, I could tell which side she was using by the way each hit felt. She also experimented once with extending my wait. This one-and-only extension had a strong effect on me. It was only for a day, but I felt seriously punished. Based on her progress, I expect things to ramp up in 2015.

Sex also changed for both of us. Mrs. Lion learned to edge me very effectively. She also learned to enjoy teasing me and then locking me back up. We wrestled with her difficulties getting aroused and by year end began providing her with orgasms that she scheduled in the same way she scheduled mine. We are both encouraged by that.

Some of my darker kinks began emerging late in the year. I expressed my as-yet-untested interest in private humiliation. Well, not entirely untested. We had experimented with diapers earlier in the year. Eventually we stopped because it became annoying to me and Mrs. Lion has a soft heart. We did a brief rediaper in December, but stopped again because it was too much for me. However, I also expressed an interest in possibly wearing panties. Mrs. Lion went one better and painted my toenails. I ordered a couple of pairs of male panties because I am dumb. They won’t arrive until mid-January. However, Mrs. Lion understands and appears to enjoy this kink.

Now, as the year closes, we are wondering how we should celebrate our enforced chastity anniversary. Mrs. Lion has decided that I will have a New Year’s Eve orgasm and another on January first. We want to do something special on January 13, but so far no ideas. Do you have a suggestion? Please let us know.

So, on this last day of 2014 I can say without reservation that this year has been nothing short of amazing. Our sex life has been revived. We are much more physical with one another. We are still best friends and totally devoted to each other. It’s been a very good year.

Also, you are part of our lives as well. It feels very good knowing that you are sharing our adventures and sometimes offering advice, questions, and comments. I hope your year has been as memorable as ours and we both wish you the best in the year to come.


  1. Author

    Happy New Year Mr & Mrs. Lion… We have enjoyed being a part of your journey into chastity. It has allowed us to learn and enjoy our new adventure in male chastity. We have used a lot of your advice and even more so we were able to be more open because of your blog.. Thank you and we look forward to the next year. Cheers

    1. Author

      Thank you for your good wishes. I hope you and your keyholder have a wonderful, chaste, new year.

  2. Author

    Happy New Year to you both! Miss and I haven’t been involved with chastity as long as you have, but we both follow your blog and have found it very helpful in verhalizing what’s happening and staying in touch with where we both are in this process.You’re both thoughtful and articulate about what’s going on inside your heads, which has been a big help to us.

  3. Author

    Happy New Year Mrs and Mr Lion! I hope the new year brings you both happiness and satisfaction in all aspects of your life.

    I may have some suggestions for private humiliation for Mr. If Mrs is interested please let me know lol.

    As I’ve said before I greatly enjoy your journey and appreciate the transparent way you share your chastity trails. Thank you so much for sharing


    1. Author

      Thanks for the good wishes. Mrs. Lion always likes new ideas. Please feel free as a comment or use Contact Us to send us a private message. Have a very happy New Year.

  4. Author

    Really enjoy the journal with lots of good info. However, in second paragraph, you noted that “nothing fell out” in describing “balls escaping”. I too am caged in a jail bird, I too currently have issue with
    balls “escaping” and am considering changing base ring size and gap. My question, your describing the falling out is not what I’m experiencing. When my cremaster muscle pulls my testicles up, one is pulled through the gap and is quite painful, but only briefly until it is all the way up. Fortunately this has only happened a few times, but because it was so painful, I’m really apprehensive anticipating if or when it might reflexively happen again. Did you experience pain and if so, did the resizing stop the pain?

    1. Author

      Male genitals are unique. Each of us is a bit different than the others. The Jail Bird (Mature Metal) has two dimensions that can be adjusted to potentially help with your issue: The first, of course, is ring size. Generally, a smaller ring (MM can size up or down in 1/16th inch increments) can help with ball escapes. Also, the ring can be round or oval. I have the oval ring which is perfect for me. The slightly “flattened” shape of the oval ring could be sufficient to solve your problem; or a smaller ring might help. The other dimension that can contribute is the “gap” between base ring and cage.This can be made smaller and might also help.

      I suggest writing MM and ask for advice. Ring size changes are very inexpensive, though you do lose your device for a week or two. Gap adjustments are also cheap. I’m sure that with some consultation with Mistress MM and/or William at MM will help fix your issue.

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