Less Than Enthusiastic Lion

It’s New Year’s Eve and Lion may not be ready for his orgasm. When I took him out to play last night he was less than enthusiastic. I understand it. One job has ended and there’s been a lull before the next job begins. He’s bored and worried about the money he’s losing in the interim. Yesterday was a low point. I’m hoping he’ll be ready for tonight’s festivities. If not, we can have our celebration whenever he feels like it.

Mother nature has intervened and taken away my orgasm scheduled for January 2. I will be unavailable for Lion riding as well. I’m more upset by that fact than the cancellation of my own orgasm. I love riding Lion to orgasm. I guess that just means he’ll have to have a bonus orgasm when I am able to do it. Win-win!

He’s still grumbling about his toes. I told him maybe I’d get him some pretty pink ribbons for his hair. He doesn’t think he has enough hair to put ribbons in. Silly boy. Doesn’t he know I’ll find a way if I really want to? I’ve seen little girls with ribbons attached to barrettes. I think he’d look lovely in them. I’m sure he’d feel pretty. Ha! See what you started, Lion?

It remains to be seen if our old year will go out with a bang as planned. Somehow I think Lion will be ready. I know I’ll give him all the encouragement I can. It’s difficult for Mr. Weenie to say no to my mouth.