Surprise for Lion

lion in a diaper
This is lion in a diaper last spring. Once again Lion is back in diapers every time we are both home from work. This time he has to keep them on for at least two pees. He will learn to sit in a wet diaper. How’s that for taking charge?

If you recall, I had Lion wearing diapers before summer and all our travels began. Summer is long gone. Perhaps it’s time for the return of the diapers. Merry Christmas, Lion!

I’m actually being nice to him. He complains about being cold when he’s naked in the winter. I have allowed him to wear a t shirt. Now I’m telling him to cover his butt. Much warmer! Nice Mrs. Lion. I’m always thinking of my pet.

Here are the rules:

1) Lion will be diapered on weekends and holidays, from the time both of us are home until we leave for work again. If Lion is home alone (for example, he has a day off that I do not have off) he will not need to be diapered.
2) Lion is allowed to ask me if he needs to wear a diaper when we go out on diaper days. I may forget to tell him he doesn’t have to wear it. On the other hand I may want him to wear it. He should get clarification.
3) Lion may change the diaper when it becomes saturated but before it leaks.
4) Lion should only urinate in the diaper. He is allowed to use the bathroom at other times.
5) Lion is allowed, and encouraged, to tell me if there is an issue that requires him not to wear the diaper. If he has a rash from extended exposure to urine I will not make him continue until the rash is cleared up.
6) Lion will wash himself prior to my playing with him. (This is not necessary for punishment swats.)

That’s all I can think of for now. I will amend them if needed.

Now what made me think of the diapers was his post today about men wearing panties. I told him it gave me an idea for a post and his imagination took over. It’s fun when that happens because he comes up with way more creative ideas than I ever could. So I teased him that I could stop at a store on the way home to get him some frilly, lacy pink panties. He said at least that would only be a day of humiliation. Then I told him I was sure there would be a sale and I could gheet him several.

On the way home I did, in fact, stop for something pink. And purple. I’m not telling him if it’s panties or not. Yet. I wanted to let him twist in the wind a little while longer. He’s not thrilled with the diaper idea and still has the panties possibility hanging over him. Poor boy.