Think Sexy Thoughts

Maybe it’s all perception. Lion says I was horny last night because I was wet. To me, horny is when you want sex. I mean really want sex. For example, if Lion wasn’t caged, in the morning he would have an erection. Does that mean he’s horny? Nope. Lion is never horny in the morning. He doesn’t like morning sex. But he has an erection. But he’s not horny. Yet he tells me I must be horny whenever I’m wet.

Well, I think we have found part of the problem. My body is saying, “Let’s roll!” while my mind is saying, “Roll where?” If sex is mostly in your mind, we need to get my mind on the same page. When I say I’m horny I mean that my mind and body are thinking about it. My mind has sent a signal that Lion is a sexy beast and it would be really great to be with him right now and my body agrees. It’s not difficult for my mind to rally the troops and get my body on board. The opposite is more difficult. My mind is usually racing with a million different thoughts. My body has trouble flagging it down for a pit stop.

I’m not sure what the solution is, but maybe we’re on the right track with the scheduled orgasms. Maybe it will snap my mind out of it. In the meantime I’ll think sexy thoughts.