What If…

The little kid in Lion can’t help himself. Last night he asked about my new edging idea. Even though I explained to him by email yesterday that I would increase the number of times I edge him once each time I play with him he still had questions. The first was if he waited twenty days did that mean he would be edged twenty times. Um, no. If he gets played with every other day, then he would get edged ten times on the twentieth day. So then he wanted to know if I added a play date in there somewhere does that mean he would get an extra edging added. Crap. Way to make something simple more complicated, Lion.

On the way to work this morning I realized I don’t always edge him every time I play with him. Sometimes I just take him out for some fresh air and exercise. Or maybe he just gets a butt plug. What do I do about the number then? This little experiment has gotten complicated in less than 24 hours. We haven’t even made it to the second play day yet.

So here are my revised rules, carved in mud. Each day I edge Lion will be one more than the time before. If I don’t edge him the number does not advance. For example, his orgasm date was 12/14. A scheduled orgasm resets the clock to zero. On 12/16 I edged him once. If I edge him tonight I will do it twice. If I do not edge him tonight it remains at one. Whenever I edge him again I will do it twice. There are very few times I’ve played with him that I haven’t edged him, but it does happen. A bonus orgasm will not reset the clock. He could, theoretically, be edged every night of a twenty day wait, have three bonus orgasms along the way, and the number still rises. I think he’ll be crying uncle by that time. I also think we’d both be exhausted.

I’ll have to be more diligent about entering data into the Lion Tracker so I know how many times he’s due to be edged. I bet he wouldn’t care if I was off by one in either direction. I don’t know how long we’ll do this. It may be something we both like. It may be something we both hate. I’m just trying to keep things interesting for my pet.