My Start In Enforced Male Chastity

My interest in enforced male chastity began on the Internet. In the mid 1990’s I read newsgroups. These were the predecessors of today’s forums. The web was just getting going at that time. Prior to the web you communicated using newsgroups. You dialed into servers that you addressed with newsgroup names. These names looked like “”, for example. The taxonomy was clumsy, but it helped sort out people by interest. By and large the dialogue was very similar to what you see in the forums today. One post referenced a web site about chastity. It was altair boy’s site. This was a very simple site with reader-submitted pieces on chastity devices, fantasies, etc. Remember, there were no such things as blogs back then.

Reading about enforced chastity turned me on. When I masturbated I fantasized about being locked up. Even back then I wondered why I got hard thinking about not being able to get off. It really makes no sense at all. I was equally bemused at my reaction to spanking fantasies. By the 90’s I had been involved in BDSM for many years. My first experiences were in the mid 80’s. I had been on both sides of the paddle by then. As I learned, experience didn’t make my reactions any less confusing. Spanking hurt, yet I unfailingly got hard whenever I received it or thought about receiving it.

In the 90’s I was a top with very few opportunities to be on the receiving end of a spanking. Oddly, giving a spanking didn’t get me hard the way receiving one did. However, there were lots of other things about topping that not only got me hard, they got me off. But even when I was a 24/7 master, I still thought about enforced chastity. Those thoughts still had the expected effect on my penis.

In the late 90’s I decided to review chastity devices. I had a full-time bottom living with me, so there was no chance I could be locked up for more than a day or so. Still, I loved the idea of at least trying toys out. I was able to get a large number of devices. I still have one of the original, hand-made CB2000’s. Truthfully, none of the devices I reviewed were comfortable enough for me to consider full time wear. Still, it was fun.

Over eleven months ago this chastity adventure began. When we started it, I wondered if the appeal would wear off once I had spent weeks locked up. Obviously it didn’t. Now I don’t fantasize about being locked up when I masturbate. There is a good reason for that; I can’t masturbate. However, when my mind wanders to my caged state, I feel that tingle and pressure inside my cage. The appeal hasn’t worn off,  but what happens if it does?

I’ve given that some thought too. At this point, my interest in being caged is no longer the reason I am locked up. The reasons now go to the roots of our sexual relationship. My enforced chastity is a key component of our renewed sexual activity and my contentment. Mrs. Lion still acts as my keyholder out of love for me, but there are hints that my lockup is becoming more fun for her. She recently wrote that she doesn’t want to stop being my keyholder, which of course means I won’t be running around wild for the foreseeable future.

Enforced chastity has developed in stages for me. It started out as an amazingly erotic activity. It’s evolving into a necessary component of my relationship with Mrs. Lion. Is this what I fantasized would happen? Absolutely not! I never considered that I would be in a chastity device permanently. That thought never crossed my mind. Now, however, it is my reality. I can’t imagine things being different. As they say (who is “they”?): Be careful what you wish for.