As you’ve read, Lion was ridden to orgasm last night. That was his surprise. Not much of a surprise really, but he’s always happy for a Lion ride. Actually I was thinking of surprising him with some play time for me and then an orgasm for both of us during a Lion ride, but it’s difficult to get both of us on the same page at the same time so I just went for his orgasm. I love the way he feels inside me whether I come or not. I know he loves it too. He was a very happy boy!

I got his buns very rosy as well. Toward the end he was yelling into the pillow. Success! He was not happy with my nubby paddle. It stings a lot. He prefers the thud of a flogger, which I also used. I’ll have to look for more thuddy things to whomp him with. My hand stings too but it’s a different sting according to Lion. I know I sure felt my hand stinging by the time I was done!

I didn’t try to leave marks on him last night. It was more of a slow build up. A sexy spanking, if you will. Designed to turn him on. It worked. As soon as he rolled over Mr. Weenie stood right up. I do owe him punishment swats for dropping things, but I forgot until we were ready for the show to begin. I knew I wanted the slow build up so I couldn’t very well start out with a bunch of hard swats. And I said I could just add them at the end but that seemed like it would ruin the mood. He’ll get his swats tonight. I’m sure he’ll do something else that requires swats. He can’t seem to help himself.

He really didn’t notice the date change yesterday till he read my post. I bet from now on he’ll keep better track of that date. Who knows when I’ll change it for no reason? Just trying to keep him on his toes. I know he’d never argue with my moving it closer. And he’d never turn down a bonus orgasm. He wouldn’t actually argue with my moving it further out either, if he doesn’t want it to move even further out. Poor Lion really is at my mercy.


  1. Author

    I like the idea of a set date for orgasms. I just wonder why Mrs. Lion doesnt have O date on her calendar as well. Though you may not have a need for one like Mr. does right now, it could help jump start your libido. Seeing the date in black and white excites and is comforting to Mr. Imagine the excitement and thrill he will also get knowing that on those days he gets to pleasure you, make you feel wonderful and repay some of the lovely attention that you shower him with.
    I do enjoy following your journey. Good luck!

    1. Author

      What a great idea! Thanks for the amazing suggestion.

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    I have a question….doesnt the chastity thing kinda kill sex for you, Mrs Lion? He has been deprived orgasm for so long, that when its time, i guess he doesnt last long during penetration. Dont you miss a long hard fucking?

  3. Author

    First of all, Lion isn’t deprived so long. Second, he doesn’t have any problem lasting. Third, I have been known to enjoy a long hard fucking in the past, but I am not much interested in my own orgasms now. We’re trying to figure out a way to change that.

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