Mrs. Santa Lion Comes to Town

We received an interesting comment yesterday. I’ve been thinking about it since then. The reader suggested I have an orgasm date in addition to Lion’s orgasm date. Lion thinks it’s a wonderful idea. He’s ready to buy another calendar so we can sit them side by side. I knew he’d be excited by that, even before he said anything.

My first reaction to it was less enthusiastic. I’ve already failed at my own idea of having an orgasm once a week in the hope that it will jump start my libido. Having a date staring at me seems like more pressure. Knowing that on that day I have to be ready no matter what doesn’t exactly scream orgasm to me. However, as I was thinking more about it this morning, it occurred to me that I could see the flip side of the recommendation. The reader also suggested that Lion would be excited to have a date to give me an orgasm. If I approach it as something I’m doing for Lion it (somehow) makes it more palatable. I know that’s twisted but that’s the way my mind works.

I don’t really see anything wrong with not wanting any orgasms. I can still do everything Lion wants to do. Why do I need to be turned on? It’s not like I’m withholding sex from him because I don’t want any. I’m withholding sex because he decided he wanted his weenie trapped in a little metal cage. Silly boy!

So tonight I’ll pick a date for him to give me an orgasm. I want rose petals and champagne that night. I’m kidding. The only restriction I have, at least in the beginning, is that it isn’t the same date as his. If this works and I get my libido back we may get to a point where we’re both on the same page. For now we’ll take baby steps.