Santa Isn’t The Only One Who Comes On Christmas Eve

Yesterday was my orgasm day. I had an amazing time. Mrs. Lion began the festivities by unlocking me and then playing with my penis until it was nice and hard. She then had me roll over (lions can do some tricks). She then used a combination of her hands, a leather strap, a paddle, and a flogger to nicely warm my buns. Her pacing was excellent. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. After the spanking she had me roll over again onto my back. She then edged me several times. I was way past tree-humping horny. Finally she lubed me up and climbed on for a short-but-wonderful lion ride. I exploded inside of her. Pure heaven! This had to be one of the most wonderful orgasms in memory.

Mrs. Lion has set my next scheduled orgasm for December 24, a ten day wait. We’ve both received comments that a scheduled orgasm date is a loss of power for Mrs. Lion. Some believe that she should be able to give orgasms or make me wait at any time she wants. A scheduled orgasm date takes some control away from her. I disagree. On more than one occasion Mrs. Lion has said that she needs structure to make sure she follows through on her commitments. She makes sure that she teases me or does something else every other day. That isn’t for me. It isn’t topping from the bottom. It is for her. She has created a framework for her role as keyholder.

Now a scheduled orgasm date is much more than structure for Mrs. Lion. It is a powerful tool she can use to control me. Aside from the occasional bonus orgasms, I see in black and white the next time I can come. I find myself counting the days. That date fixes my attention on my eventual reward. Where does the control come in? Simple. I also know that date can change. Mrs. Lion can add time whenever she wants. She did it once. It was only a day, but that extension hit me hard. I hadn’t realized how much I was counting on that orgasm date. When Mrs. Lion added a day, I was crushed. My scheduled orgasm date has become very important to me.  I like to pretend I don’t care, but I do. I care a lot. One key to having power over another is to control something that person cares about.

So, if there were no scheduled release dates, Mrs. Lion would have to depend on telling me that I could have come, but (fill in the reason). This is actually far weaker in terms of control. Why? Because I hadn’t expected to come, so telling me that I lost a chance I never knew I had isn’t that bad. But losing a chance I had been counting on for a long time. That really hurts. This isn’t about hurting me. Mrs. Lion wants to make me happy. But it is about controlling me. She is learning very well how to do that. She has become quite expert as my keyholder. Thank you, Mrs. Lion!