Who’s The Boss

Even though I came on the 26th, I am as horny as I was on the 25th. This is in no small part due to Mrs. Lion’s tease and deny Friday night. As she wrote in her post Friday, Mrs. Lion had planned a thorough spanking followed by some serious teasing. True to her word, she brought some spanking implements into the bedroom. Since I must always be naked at home, there is never the wasted time of having me undress first. It was a bit chilly so my balls were tight pushing against the base ring on my cage. She  unlocked me and I removed the base ring. Then, she had me roll over on my stomach for my spanking. She did a great job. But she sensed I wasn’t really into it. She asked me if that was the case. I admitted it was.

My interest in spanking was low on Friday night because about an hour before we played, I slipped and fell, banging my chin against the arm of a char. It was pretty sore and a bit of a mood killer. But as I learned soon enough, not that much of a mood killer, after all. After the spanking, she had me roll onto my back and began masturbating me. It took quite a while to get me really excited. At least it felt that way to me. Mrs. Lion is not a quitter, so persistence and her very impressive jerk-off skill got me going and wanting to come. She edged me over and over. At one point she asked if I had enough. I thought I had and told her. However, after a few minutes of snuggling I was very ready again and she obliged. This time, no matter how many times she edged me, I was ready for more. She stopped with me wanting her to go on and on. It was amazing! The fact that I wasn’t in the mood didn’t stop Mrs. Lion this time. I’m very glad. After all, she’s in charge.

That reminds me; we got a comment the other day asking why Mrs. Lion uses fixed orgasm dates. She said it was because I want them. She was also asked why I get punished for not writing an email every day before noon. Her answer again, because I want discipline and she thought that was a good opportunity.  That, I’m sure, started wheels turning in the minds of some of our readers. After all, if she’s in charge, why do I get to decide whether I get a fixed orgasm date or just have to wait until Mrs. Lion is in the mood to let me come. That’s a fair question. The fact is that I don’t get to decide, but Mrs. Lion heard me out on the subject and decided, at least for now, to go with fixed dates.

There are several reasons, I explained. The first is that a fixed date gives me something to focus on and anticipate. That makes the tease and deny all that more difficult because I know that no matter how desperate she makes me, she won’t let me come until the scheduled date. The second reason is that if I have a fixed date, she can add time if I am naughty or give me some time off if she wants as well. As I learned last month, having my time extended really hurts. It is an effective punishment. It’s probably the only punishment she has used where there is no secret pleasure in getting it. That date becomes a most effective tool.

If you think about it, a fixed date is no loss of power for Mrs. Lion. She can give me an orgasm any time she wants. She can also extend my wait on a whim. So she still has total control of my orgasms. For me, however, the effect of that date is very powerful. Last night as she was teasing me, I thought about the next date and just wished it were December 5 right then. There is a much more powerful effect on me knowing that my fate is sealed and while she can get me off any time, chances are really good that she will wait.  Oh how I wish she would give me an orgasm! I’ve been incredibly horny since she teased me Friday night.

A poor, horny lion can hope, can’t he?