Lion asked if he was going to get teased last night. Our deal is play every other night. I assumed since I had pegged him and spanked him the night before that counted as play and technically I didn’t need to play with him last night. My original plan was to plug him again to get him ready for more pegging this weekend, but we were both tired. But he did bring up a good point. If I am scheduled to play with him on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, etc. of a given week, but I also play with him on Thursday, does that mean I can skip Friday? My thought was that A) it was any play, whether it was spanking, bondage, teasing, etc.; and B) the play had to be at least every other day, but if I did three days in a row I could still skip one day even if it was normally a scheduled day. Perhaps it seems like nit-picking but it’s important to make sure we are both on the same page. It would be very easy for me to assume one thing and for him to assume another and I would think I’m meeting his expectations, but he thinks I’m falling short. So we’ll need to clarify that going forward.

I was very tired, even falling asleep watching tv at one point, but when it was clear that he assumed it was a play night I decided to tease him. He’s been very horny so he was erect almost immediately. I was able to edge him quite a few times. I got him closer than ever a few times. And then I went a stroke too far. I don’t think it was a complete ruined orgasm. There wasn’t a huge amount of ejaculate. But it was more than pre-cum. For whatever reason I didn’t feel bad afterwards. Usually I feel like a failed him and made it worse for him. More than a teasing but less than a full fledged orgasm. I think it may have been because he didn’t feel bad afterwards. Usually it seems painful for him. He seems visibly frustrated. That didn’t happen last night. He seemed fine. I’m not sure if it cured his horniness at all.

He still has two days to wait and my intent is to keep up the pressure until Monday night. Bondage, spanking, pegging, teasing. Poor Lion will absolutely need to come by the time I’m done with him. At least that’s the plan.


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    What I find confounding here is this deal that was made. theoretically Mrs. lion can change the terms of the deal at any time if she’s truly in charge and Mr. lion is not topping from the bottom. why is it so difficult for Mrs. Lion to merely announce what she would like to do in terms of playtime. it seems she is overly concerned with pleasing the submissive which makes me wonder who’s really in charge here.

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    The deal was made to help keep me consistent. If you’ve been reading our posts you know that I do not rule with an iron fist. I prefer to have input from Lion. It’s my brand of being in charge. I’m still learning how to flex my muscle. However, Lion is well aware of who rules the den.

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