Friday night was very cozy. Outside it was cold enough to make me very glad to get into the warmth of the house and Mrs. Lion’s arms. We had homemade chicken soup for dinner. That added to the feeling of cozy warmth. Friday is my scheduled tease day. It’s true that Mrs. Lion did some anal play the night before, so technically she didn’t have to tease me. If you read her post yesterday, you know that she is also confused as to the exact meaning of our agreement. I’m happy to go with her decision. She’s the boss, after all.

As she wrote, I had a small ruined orgasm. It felt very strong and I could sense that maybe I had gone slightly over the edge. Sure enough, a couple of drops of semen appeared. I stayed hard, but didn’t feel the urgency of a few moments before. So far, Saturday has been mellow too. Part of it is that I’m tired. I don’t think I am as horny as I was on Friday. That is easy to fix as Mrs. Lion knows well. Based on her post yesterday, I think I am in for a lot of activity this weekend.

When I am tired and not particularly turned on, anal play or spanking are much less pleasant to me. That’s not to say Mrs. Lion should only stick things up my ass when I am aroused, but from my perspective, it helps. Arousal increases tolerance for pain. No surprise there. What has surprised me is that external stress makes pain worse. I’ve been in the process of looking for a new job. The one I have now is being eliminated as part of budget cuts.  The economic uncertainty combined with loss of sleep appears to have changed how I perceive stimulation. The effect it has is to make it take longer for me to get into the activity underway. Warmup takes longer. The main reason, I think, is that my mind has to move away from my worries and for me to allow myself to drift on that pleasant wave of submission.

Just writing that makes me yawn. I’m off to curl up in a warm, cozy spot for a nap.