popularity of pegging chart
Pegging has gotten very popular in our house.

I don’t know about other households, but pegging has gotten popular in ours. For a long time Lion has enjoyed taking things up his ass. It’s usually been butt plugs but over the years we’ve messed around with pegging. At one point I had the idea that I’d like to fist Lion and we worked toward that for a while. Like so many things, we strayed away from pegging, went back to it, strayed again, and now we’re back to it.

Although I suppose I’ll change my mind as we go along, I’m less interested in fisting Lion now. For this incarnation of pegging, I don’t have any goal in mind. Sometimes I think that’s my demise. I set a lofty goal and then it seems unattainable so I stop. I know Lion is interested in taking larger dildos but there isn’t a set goal involved. We’re not saying that by December he should be at the 8 inch dildo with the rippling veins. Nope. We’ll discuss things as we go along. Right now I’d like him to get used to the movement. He’s very comfortable taking the smooth dildo. Our next move might be to a similar sized lifelike dildo.

Lion would also like me to use the RodeoH. I guess we can try it this weekend. I was never comfortable in the old strap on. The angle was never right. We’ll have to try some different positions.

Last night we tried pegging again, but our mattress is different from the one in the camper so it was more difficult. His butt was lower and I had trouble finding his hole. After we were done I suggested using a pillow to prop him up off the mattress. Duh! Neither of us thought of that while we were struggling. That’s okay. Live and learn.

We snuggled for a bit, I got my weenie hard and then I sucked him. He was very hard and very horny. I got him to the edge quite a few times. At least twice I almost went too far. Not far enough if you ask Lion. He was hoping for an orgasm. I almost always give him an orgasm when I use my mouth. Almost always. For the rest of the night he told me how horny I made him. Good. That was my plan.


  1. Author

    I very much enjoy feminizing my man a bit before his peggings. Maybe panties slid down his legs, or banded around his ankles where he can see them as he’s fucked missionary. Or garter belt and stockings. A bra. A schoolgirl skirt flipped up. I mean, we really are reversing roles here after all, he should look the part at least!

    1. Author

      I hate that idea! Maybe Mrs. Lion will miss the comment. ?

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