The Other 23 Hours

When you read the blogs, including ours, you end up reading about the sexy moments and other stuff directly related to the chastity experience. Naturally, we don’t talk about the other parts of our lives. It’s not why you are here or why we started this blog. But there is an important thing that anyone who is considering enforced chastity, or is new to it, should consider: the actual interaction with the chastity experience for most of us, is less than an hour a day.

That means caged male and keyholder alike are doing non-sexual, regular, day-to-day stuff more than 96% of the time. That’s right, pretty much all of your time has nothing to do with enforced chastity. Why is this important? It should figure in to a lot of decisions you make about your enforced chastity experience. The most critical in the beginning is choice of device. As I have written many times before, too many guys buy devices that are so uncomfortable to wear that they are almost doomed from the start to quit enforced chastity.

That hour a day includes times you are teased, need to pee, and find yourself with a chubby inside your cage. By extension, any thoughts of pulling out are also included in that four percent of your day. However, be honest now, how much time did you spend thinking about and reading online stuff about chastity device security? Most guys spend a lot of time doing that. As a result of that reading — most of which is written by people with no real experience — did you worry that your device won’t be secure enough to keep you safely locked up? How much time did you spend thinking about how comfortable it will be to have that device on 24 hours a day?

Getting my message? I think the most important consideration when fitting or buying a chastity device is comfort. If you feel it all day long and it wakes you up at night, how long can you bear to wear it? My cage is completely comfortable. I am not aware it is there most of the time. It is a bit of a pain when I need to pee, but I can manage it standing up at a urinal (sitting at home). When I try to get hard inside the cage, there is no pain, just a blocked erection. I have never used a drop of lube to keep my base ring comfortable and the only reason my cage and ring come off is so Mrs. Lion can pay my penis some desperately needed attention. Thanks to the comfort of my Jail Bird, there is nothing preventing this cage from being on my penis for the rest of my life. Even if you don’t want to consider that idea, the point is the same: Comfort is the most important attribute of a device. Period.

Many guys are in a huge rush to begin experiencing enforced chastity. It is such an exciting fantasy, you just want to get started NOW. Ok, I get it. Here is an idea for you. Instead of rushing out and buying an inexpensive device, try chastity training wheels. What’s that? It’s a cock ring. One of the most significant physical changes you make when you wear a chastity device is that your balls are always forced front and center. As you can see in these images, my balls are forced out from my body by the base ring.

The base ring is the most difficult part of the device to fit. So my suggestion is to begin saving money for a custom made device. In the meantime start wearing a cock ring. They can be bought inexpensively from adult suppliers, Amazon, or your local hardware store (they sell rings in all sizes). You can try different sizes to see which work. When you get one you think will work, wear it 24/7 for at least two weeks.  You won’t have a cage, but you will be getting the main sensation you will feel when finally locked up.

Of course with just a ring, you can cheat. But don’t. Act the same way you will when you are truly locked up. This experience will teach you a lot. You will find out how it feels to be caged 24/7 without the investment in a device, and you can test drive chastity. It will also give your new keyholder a chance to try things too. Sound crazy? It’s not. There are a lot of guys who wish they started out this way.