I Finally Put My Foot Down

The other night, I was surprised to read that Lion was fed up with chastity. I knew he was horny. I knew he was frustrated. I just didn’t know he was close to ending our experiment. I have mixed feelings about it.

My first reaction was that I must be doing something wrong. I haven’t lived up to my end of the agreement. I haven’t been enforcing rules. I haven’t been doing the anal training as promised. All I’ve been doing is remaining consistent with the every other day play sessions, which is actually a huge step for me. But I need to do more.

My second reaction, coming very quickly after the first reaction, was “Tough crap!” We agreed to an end date of sometime in 2016. It’s not even 2015 and he wants to stop? No way! If I’m willing to stick with it then so should he. Granted I have less skin in the game, so to speak. I’m not the one wearing the cage. “All I have to do” is train him and be in charge of sex. Actually I’d say we’re fairly equal partners. He has to deal with the cage and not being in charge. I have to deal with being in charge and doing things to him that do nothing for me.

And, need I remind him, both being caged and the 2016 date were his ideas. So I’m chalking that post up to being a tree-humping horny Lion who was frustrated and lashing out. I hope that by adding another day to his misery, he will think before he has another toddler temper tantrum.

Because I’m a nice person, I did not tease him last night. I knew that would make the extra day unbearable for him. Making him hornier was not my intent. For this reason he enjoyed two hours with his favorite butt plug. Tonight he will receive his delayed orgasm. Unless, of course, he makes some other toddler statements between now and then.

He also got some punishment swats for dropping his napkin, dropping ice cubes, and eating before I did. Despite squirming during the swats he said he thought I held back. I don’t think I did. It was a different paddle than I’ve been using for his punishment swats. Perhaps it’s not mean enough. Duly noted, my pet.

It’s important to note that I do not want a docile Lion. I just don’t want a snarky Lion. Whining because he’s frustrated for being made to wait when he’s asked me to deny him will not be tolerated.