If you’ve been following the blog, in her post yesterday, Mrs. Lion announced that due to my grumbling on Saturday night, she is extending my wait from Sunday to today (Monday). I am not pleased;  not one bit. It’s true. I was upset Saturday night. I was feeling that enforced chastity had stopped being fun for me. Yes, I love the way the teasing feels, and yes, I like it when Mrs. Lion plays with me. But do I really want to feel this frustrated? I was starting to think that I had made a mistake. I was very sure that I was done with this entire experience.

I went to sleep a very grumpy lion. I really had no reason to be grumpy. Mrs. Lion wasn’t scheduled to play with me and my next scheduled orgasm was for Sunday. It was totally irrational. Last night we went out for Mexican food. We haven’t been eating out much lately. It was a big treat. I had a very large margarita, nachos, and carne asada.  It was a huge meal. I fell asleep almost immediately after we got home. As you might have guessed, I’m not a big drinker. When I woke up, my mood had worsened. Mrs. Lion had commented in the past about my “grumblyness” after a certain amount of waiting.  I don’t think it was ever this severe. I think it is caused by the quality of Mrs. Lion’s teasing. The less teasing, the easier it is for me to ignore that I have to wait. The last few times, the teasing has been really good.  I can’t forget that I want to have an orgasm.

When Mrs. Lion told me that I had to wait another day, it made me unhappy. Not unhappy in a sexy, I’m a submissive way, but just unhappy. I think that means the game is over for me. Mrs. Lion has let me know that she is in control. Whether or not I like it, or feel it is sexy, I am going to wait another day or more if she gets angry again. Clearly, I don’t get a vote, and if she chooses to tease me today (which will only make things worse), I will respond whether I want to or not. I think she realizes that I don’t have to want her attention for my cock to respond.

Before this latest development, I was going to write about the fact that Mrs. Lion hasn’t raised her paddle once in over two weeks. I continue to drop food, my napkin, and ice cubes. I also eat first when I forget. But there has been no retribution. I asked about this but didn’t get an answer. Spanking is discipline I want. I thought I would find waiting to have the same hate-it / love-it effect on me as spanking. It might if done at the start of the wait, but now it most definitely is different. I really hate this extra time she tacked on. I’m grateful it’s only one day.

This is a turning point for both of us. Mrs. Lion has done the one thing she has written that she has trouble doing: delaying my orgasm. She has reacted to my misbehavior as a true keyholder. This is the first time in memory when I have been punished in a way that isn’t fun, perverse or not, for me. I don’t like it one bit. Nope, not at all. But that’s the point. I understand. I didn’t think a one day extra wait would be a big deal. Well, it is. I’m not sure which makes me feel worse, Mrs. Lion taking away something I want so much, or that coming means so much to me.