The Finer Points Of Lion Discipline

In case  you haven’t noticed, I generally write my posts the day before they are published. I do this because I want my evenings to be spent with Mrs. Lion. This wouldn’t be noticeable except for the fact that Mrs. Lion writes her daily post the same day it is published. This missive is available on Tuesday morning, even though I am writing it on Monday. Just sayin’.

Saturday was rather historic. Mrs. Lion firmly put her paw down and added a day to my wait. This never happened before. She wrote about it yesterday (Monday). I hated that delay. Sunday, though, was quiet and I didn’t feel particularly grumpy or horny, for that matter. But the punishment still rankled.

In her post, Mrs. Lion wrote that she didn’t tease me last night because she didn’t want me unbearably horny as a result. I may be digging my own grave, but I disagree. The point of the punishment was to teach me to watch my step. If it is to be effective, it should be as memorable as possible. Assuring that I remain tree-humping horny is a logical way to do it.

I know that Mrs. Lion is a very kind soul and it took all of her strength to make me wait another day. She couldn’t bear making things worse by teasing me Sunday night. Ok, Mrs. Lion, I want you to make it worse. Why? Because, like enforced chastity itself, it is only truly effective when the keyholder is in firm control.  I’m safely locked up. Making me feel the consequences of that lockup is a big reason why I am teased. If my wait is extended, it makes sense to make that extra time as difficult as possible. I would never say it at the time, but it is how I would hope it works.

That brings me to the other two pleasant surprises Sunday night: spanking and anal play. I’ve been giving spanking a lot of thought lately. This is partly due to the fact that Mrs. Lion had temporarily stopped, but also because I have a longstanding love/hate relationship with spanking. Mrs. Lion knows how to spank. She is very good with her hands, a strap, or a paddle. She knows just where to hit and has great aim.

Again, she is too kind. She wants me to be happy. She knows I like to be spanked and that it makes a good punishment for minor offenses. I think the trouble is that she really doesn’t want to hurt me. Why is that trouble? Because the key value of spanking is to “hurt” me enough to remind me to behave. There are two kinds of spankings: fun ones and discipline. Mrs. Lion gives great fun spankings. She builds up the intensity slowly enough for my endorphins to get going. A fun spanking takes at least 15 minutes, generally more. As the intensity builds, it feels better and better. Can you tell I love that?

Discipline, on the other hand has two objectives. The first is to make a point and to reinforce the control of the spanker. The second is more subtle. It is to train the recipient to accept punishment. I admit that I am terrible at that. When it really stings I tend to wriggle and roll over. Since Mrs. Lion doesn’t restrain me, either with bondage or by sitting on me, I can move quite a bit.

I should be required to stay still and accept my swats. Any moving should start the punishment again from the very beginning. Eventually, I will learn to accept my medicine. Also, Mrs. Lion is way too kind with the number of swats she administers. I know I am going to hate saying this, but the truth is that four swats aren’t enough to sting for more than a minute or two. Also, even rambunctious me can usually hold still for four. I don’t want to know how many swats I will get. I want to learn to just lie there and take my licks.

Mrs. Lion is probably wondering if I lost my mind. That’s a real possibility. But in this case I haven’t. That extra day of waiting taught me something valuable: when the punishment is strong, I feel it in a completely new way. It isn’t easy to articulate, but it feels “real”. When she added that day, for me the game was over. This was no longer something that I owned. It was the very first time that Mrs. Lion did something that I really didn’t want. She did it intentionally to punish me. That changes things in a big way for me. What I once thought would be sexy fun, like spanking, turned out to be real punishment that no longer felt like a game. I think spanking can also have that effect too.

I’m very proud of Mrs. Lion for her action. It had to be very difficult to hurt me. But she had good reason and it is what I asked her to do. Thank you, Mrs. Lion. No, I’m not going to say, “May I have Another?”