I had no idea that Lion likes to be teased almost as much as he likes to have an orgasm. I thought an orgasm was the prize. It’s true that it ends the fun, but what fun it is to get there.

Perhaps I don’t understand his love of teasing because I hate to be teased. Taking me to the edge and stopping might be grounds for divorce. Maybe not that bad, but I do hate it. I guess it’s a good thing our roles are not reversed. Since I haven’t been horny in a while, denying me wouldn’t be a big deal at all. Edging me would be a huge problem. Don’t get my engines revving if you’re going to run out of gas before we get to our destination.

I don’t know if women in general dislike being edged. I can’t speak for every woman. Since many women can have multiple orgasms, the fun continues after the first one. To me there’s no reason to edge a woman. Unless, of course, she likes it.

Knowing that Lion wants to be edged more times and more often puts a little more pressure on me. Each time I do it I am in danger of ruining an orgasm for him. If I’m going to go too far I’d much rather go all the way and just give him a real orgasm. I’m sure he would prefer that too. Plus, at some point I risk breaking him. By which I mean edging him so many times that he can’t get hard again. Of course he’s not really broken. He just can’t play anymore.

Last night I edged him about four times. I wasn’t really counting. I know he was bucking at one point and when I stopped he said he really, really wanted to come. I told him it was too bad he had another 48 hours or so to wait. Then I sucked on him just because I can and left him alone. Poor boy. I really wanted to make him come. He really wanted to come. We are both working on our self-restraint. Well, I am. He has no choice in the matter.

The reason I give him bonus orgasms is because I love making him come. I am trying to make him wait the full time. So far I haven’t ever extended his time, but if I can make it to the scheduled date then it might be easier for me to make it beyond the scheduled date. At this point it is more willpower, or lack thereof, on my part that causes an early release. In a sense I am training myself while I train him.