Lion was a very good boy yesterday. He reminded me it was punishment day. He had nothing on his punishment list. He did the laundry. He ran some errands. He cooked dinner. It was only fitting that I give him a reward for his hard work.

I wasn’t sure what his reward would be. Should I give him an extra play session last night? Should I give him a get-out-of-jail-free orgasm? Should I make breakfast on the weekend? So many choices. As is usually the case, it came to me in the shower. And the more I thought about it, the more I thought he should have two separate rewards. One for doing all those chores and one for not having anything on the punishment list.

Reward number one, for the chores, is an extra play session. This is not a play session of his choosing. I may ask him what he wants, but I am not bound by it. He gets to choose a non-play night that he would like some Lion attention. This coupon expires August 1 for no reason other than the fact that I thought it should expire.

Reward number two, for not having anything on the punishment list, is an opportunity to subtract one item from a future punishment list. Maybe he has only one item and he wants to avoid punishment that night. Maybe he had nothing on the list, but forgot to remind me about punishment night so now he has that on his list. Maybe he was very bad and has six things on the list and wants to avoid some of those swats. Whatever the reason, he can eliminate one item. This coupon also expires on August 1.

He was very happy with his Good Lion coupons. He filed them away in the Lion coupon hiding place. I don’t know how many he has now. I tear them up as he uses them. Not that I think he’ll try to reuse them. I just think it makes a statement. This coupon is gone. Rip. You have received your reward. Rip. I don’t know if he even notices when I do it. It may be more for my benefit.

It’s still easier for me to reward him than punish him. That doesn’t surprise me. I know he wants me to add items to his list. It’s just so difficult when he does so many things for me already. Generally the only time he gets a punishment is for doing something I told him not to do. Stubborn boy that he is. I’ll have to step up my game and start noticing more.