Sexually Housebroken Lion

Wednesday night was very eventful. Mrs. Lion decided to give me a fun spanking. This, as opposed to punishment, is given starting with light swats and slowly progresses to very hard spanks. Why is this fun? Well, when the buildup is done at the right speed, my brain has time to produce endorphins which effectively change what should be painful, into a pleasurable sensation. Mrs. Lion commented on how still I remained even when she was hitting very hard with the dreaded wooden spoon. I was still because it felt good. I found myself slipping into that sleepy pleasant state of an endorphin high. Very well done Mrs. Lion!

After the spanking I turned over and Mrs. Lion removed my cage. I took the base ring off. She then teased me to the edge three (I think) times. This was interspersed with rubbing my balls. I loved it! I wanted to come so badly! Mrs. Lion has amazing hands. She plays me like a violin. She knows exactly what will arouse me the most. When she finished, I asked,

“Any chance I can come tonight?”

“No, you have another 12 days.”

“What if I used my orgasm coupon?”

“You can do that, but then the clock will start again and it will be 21 days.”


Mrs. Lion says “no” in the nicest possible way, but it is still no. Since last night I am tree-humping horny. I can’t believe I have another twelve days to endure this. Mrs. Lion was convinced I had waited 21 days before. I was sure I haven’t even come close. So, she opened the old page here, Lion’s Adventures. I started this page so that I could track my orgasms and other play. I stopped keeping track in July. It seemed so egotistical and uninteresting to anyone but me. However, in this case it turned out to be useful.

Mrs. Lion poured over the page for a while and then finally announced that my previous record was twelve days, not counting the fourteen day wait that ended recently. That wait was supposed to be twelve days but I got food poisoning and had no interest in sex for two days. So, this is the longest I have had to wait for an orgasm.I am sure it is not only a chastity record for me, but also a lifetime one as well.

This brings me to a key question that I have been asking myself: What is the goal in terms of sex of my being caged? When we started I had a vague sense that I would be forced to remain in a horny state for a while and then given release. I had chatted with others who were also just starting and in most cases, they had a specific goal in mind. One keyholder decided that her male should have no more than twelve orgasms a year. At the time I was appalled. What a bleak sexual landscape that painted! She, like many others, also determined that he should be trained to not orgasm without permission. That way she could have the services of his penis without changing her planned schedule.

It turns out that this is a fairly common practice. It seems very difficult to me. I have no idea if I can control myself that way. I guess I am not sexually housebroken. I know how the training is done, but I have never experienced it. Since Mrs. Lion has a rather inactive libido, she hasn’t had an incentive to house train me. I use the term “housebroken” rather than “tame”. A sexually unhousebroken male will release semen without permission, just as a puppy piddles on the floor. I think it is an apt comparison.

There is little point in housebreaking me if she has no particular use for my penis when I am not supposed to come. In the past when she has ridden me, she didn’t care if I came. Of course I did and then cleaned her up and gave her oral orgasms. No harm, no foul.

Mrs. Lion has slowly been taking the reins and has been exerting more and more sexual control. This latest 21 day wait is 100% her idea. I hate it. I think I am sexually spoiled. I am really used to getting my own way. This wait is a first step for me to learn that things don’t have to go my way. If I had my way, the longest wait would be two weeks. That’s long enough for me to get desperate, but not so long that I have a hard time dealing with it. As we approach week three, I am having a hard time. I want release!

I know that I asked Mrs. Lion not to give in. On one level I understand that forcing me to go into territory where I start to feel that I have joined the <12 orgasm-a-year club will start teaching me that I no longer control or can manipulate things to my satisfaction. Let me make it clear that I truly can’t learn to like the idea that I will have so few opportunities to come. It doesn’t feel like a challenge to me. It just feels sad. Is that a reason for Mrs. Lion to relent and let me come sooner? Absolutely not. Maybe it is time that I get housebroken and learn that I no longer control my sexual pleasure.

There are signs that I am becoming tame. When Mrs. Lion takes out a paddle to punish me for an infraction, I immediately present my bottom without prompting. I don’t argue when she says I broke a rule. And, I haven’t complained (much) about having to wait so  long. I guess that means that as Mrs. Lion grows as my keyholder, I am learning to be a more obedient caged male.

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  1. Author

    Housebroken is an excellent term, and like many men you’ll find it’s easier after 3-4 weeks to stay locked. Try for a month, then 2 months in the lockup, without cumming.

    I’ve been locked for almost 4 years now, and have not had a real orgasm for just over 3 years. It got much easier after the 6 months mark. Now I really like the constant horniness and would not want to ejac and have to start all over again. I’m hoping she’ll keep me orgasm-free for 5 years, so 2 more to go…

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