Lion’s “O” Meter

this is lion's "o" meter. it records his daily interest in sex. see the up-to-date info here.
This is Lion’s “O” meter. It records his daily interest in sex. See the up-to-date info here.

Yesterday I talked about the Lion Tracker. I mentioned that it shows what I do to Lion and how I feel about things, but it doesn’t show how Lion feels. I thought it would be interesting to know if he felt more or less horny as the days progressed and after play sessions. As I suspected, I only need to mention it and he springs into action.

Lion used a graphic that looks like an O so I’m calling it his O Meter. It is, after all, tracking his need for an orgasm. The scale ranges from “Barely thinking about sex” to “All I can think about is getting off!” I’m betting most of his data will be in the middle of the scale although by day twenty-one he may be all the way to the top.

I’m curious to see how the information from both charts mesh. When I tease him, will his horniness level increase? When I give him a ruined orgasm, will it increase or decrease? He’s been trying to figure it out. This may give him the concrete evidence he’s looking for. If nothing else it’s a fun tool to look at the ups and downs of his horniness over time.

Of course, it does reduce things to science and calculations, and that’s not what this experiment is about at all. These are our intimate details in graphic form. The best part about it is that we have to create those intimate details before we can report them.