liontracker graph
This is the current activities graph from the LionTracker. This tool tracks all activities with Lion.

Computer guru that he is, Lion made a LionTracker so we can keep track of everything we do. I view it as more homework for me to do, but it may come in handy at some point. It certainly could have solved our confusion last night. I was sure Lion had waited twenty-one days back in June. He said he hadn’t. A check back through our posts showed it was twelve days. Oh well. Same number, just backwards.

On the Lion Tracker, he thought of everything. But this morning I had to laugh at him. He has a section with little check boxes that says “Everything went according to plan”. That’s funny to me. He thinks I have a plan? I almost never know what I’m going to do. Even last night I didn’t know until the last minute that I was going to spank him. And then I had no idea how long or hard I would do it. I just figured it had been a while since he’s had a non-punishment spanking session. I know he loves it.

I can now keep track of when he had an orgasm, how he had an orgasm, if it was intended, etc. I can track his punishments and rewards. I can say if the punishment was successful (although I’m not sure I’d know unless he either does or does not do it again). About the only thing I can’t track is how he feels about each thing. Maybe Lion needs his own category on the LionTracker.

He was having trouble with the actual report for it, but he says he now has it figured out. I haven’t looked at it, but I may have a graph that displays his progress. My progress. Our progress. Something a little more medicinal than our posts here. Just the facts, ma’am.


  1. Author

    Mrs. Lion misunderstood the “Everything went as planned” entry. It doesn’t mean she planned anything in advance. I know better than that! It means that once she started the activity, it ended up the way she intended when she started it.

  2. Author

    It’s basically the same thing. Even when I knew I was going to spank him, I didn’t really have a plan for how long or how hard, etc.

    1. Author

      It’s a matter of when you finish if you feel you did what you wanted to do. You may not know up front, but I bet you know when it went the way you wanted.

  3. Author

    I do not have the ability to be in your house, and experience whats going on between you. But in the recent mails, it sound like the fun in it, is going out the window… I can ofcourse be mistaken… but how do you see it ???
    Kind Regards Thomas K

    1. Author

      The fun is most definitely here. It isn’t all peaches and cream, of course. We have a very loving relationship. Our enforced chastity is just one thing that we are experiencing. Obviously, I am not enjoying my wait. I’m not supposed to. But it’s what I asked for. Being tamed isn’t always fun.

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