Now that I have been caged for nine months, I thought it might be useful to take stock of progress to date. Yesterday I wrote about ruined orgasms, daily living, and sex. Today, I will explore kinks. Like many caged males things are more complicated than just locking my penis up in a chastity device. I have a range of kinks that also need to be fed. Mrs. Lion has been kind enough to indulge these needs.

I suspect that I share this kink with many caged males. The chastity device is a full-time penis bondage device. It effectively removes my ability to get off, alone or with a partner, as well as get a full erection. I’m in this steel cage 24/7, only let out for supervised activities and occasionally a break. In the last nine months, I have been out of my cage less than 7 days in total; roughly a day a month: 4% of the time. I think this is probably too much, but still not a big break.

It’s no secret that I also like to be tied down. Mrs. Lion gave me a set of bed restraints to use in our RV for Valentine’s day. We already have restraints and permanent attachment points in our home bed. We also have a sling in our playroom. We don’t get to use these toys very often. It’s too bad. Recently, Mrs. Lion has expressed an increased interest in more severe spankings (see Discipline below) and in using Icy Hot on my balls. It is a very good idea to restrain me for such intense sensation play. Once again, our enforced chastity adventure has reawakened these activities. While not frequent,before my lockup, they had virtually disappeared in the last decade.

Sensation Play
I have always liked some pain in the context of play. I particularly like spanking and cock and ball “torture” (CBT). In the context of play, pain, if applied gradually, will trigger endorphins in the brain and produce a pleasurable “high”. This high is exactly the same one that runners and exercise fanatics get. It’s the brain’s way of handling physical stress. If the sensation buildup is slow and matches my brain’s endorphin response, what appears to be cruel and painful is actually pleasurable. Since I have been caged, Mrs. Lion has been doing a lot more of this with me. I love it!

One of my strongest kinks is the desire to be controlled. I don’t mean that I want Mrs. Lion to run my life. Oh no! I am an A-type person who is used to being in charge. In fact, I am very much the dominant partner in our marriage. But I also have this deep need to surrender. This isn’t unusual. Many powerful people want to be sexually dominated. I think it is Ying/Yang where the dominant side of me needs to be balanced by surrender.

Enforced male chastity is certainly sexual surrender. Mrs. Lion, by virtue of the cage as well as my surrender, has absolute control of my sexual pleasure; not only orgasms, but even arousal. I can’t arouse myself in my cage. I love this. I have also asked her to take charge of some behavioral things that are not directly sexual. In a recent post, I wrote about the maternal nature of our chastity adventure. Mrs. Lion has been much more active in providing this non-sexual control since my lockup.

This is a longstanding kink of mine that Mrs. Lion has always found difficult. It is a direct offshoot of my desire for sexual and behavioral control. After all, if I want Mrs. Lion to make rules, she has to have a way to reinforce them and assure my compliance. Since my lockup, Mrs. Lion has dipped her toe into this difficult area. So far, my rules are simple and reasonable. For example, I earn punishment if I drop food, interrupt her, or eat before she begins. All are good manners. The problem for me is that I want to be a good boy and follow her rules. So, as a result, I get disciplined mildly and rarely.

Recently we have had conversations about punishments. One that I would love to hate experiencing is extending my wait by a significant amount of time. So far, we have no infractions that lead Mrs. Lion to doing this. I see it as a kind of sexual “time out”. More importantly, it is something I truly don’t want. You don’t see that in my list of sensation play that I like. She also came up with another that I truly hate: making me stay caged without any attention from her for a time. Our current norm is that Mrs. Lion does something sexual, if not orgasmic, with me at least every other day. Making me go for days (or weeks?) without any play or stimulation is very severe to me.

But then again, punishment isn’t supposed to be fun. Spanking, when I am getting it, can be horrible to me. However, both before and after, I find it exciting to think about. This is not true of extending my wait time, or worse, leaving me caged with no stimulation. I do not have the slightest interest in experiencing those punishments. Well, to be honest, maybe experiencing them once to see how they feel. But I know I want to avoid them at all costs.

Nine month summary
These first months have indeed been a gestation period for us. We have both grown as a result of this experience. Mrs. Lion has achieved a measure of comfort with her role as keyholder. She is acting much more independently and appears to be coming to terms with the complexities of owning a lion. She is a wonderful friend, lover, wife, and keyholder. She means the world to me.

I am experiencing something that I have wanted for a very long time. I am learning how it feels to really give up control. I still have more sexual control than I would like, but I can feel my grip on my sex life slipping and Mrs. Lion’s tightening. The most important thing I have learned is that enforced chastity is a process. You don’t just lock up your cock and you’re done. Both Mrs.Lion and I have been continuously making changes. These changes have, for the most part, been very positive Our communication has improved, we are much more sexual with each other, and we interact more on all levels.

Nine months ago I wouldn’t have believed that locking up my penis would have a profound effect on our lives. But it did. From my perspective, I don’t want this to end. At this moment, I can’t see ever living uncaged again.