Lion, in his last post, was correct. I did ask him if he knew anything about the missing Naughty Lion coupons. I really was teasing him. He didn’t know where I put them, but it seemed very strange that the Good Lion coupons were right where I left them. So I thought, on the off chance he had maybe relocated them to see if I’d notice, I’d ask him. I would have been very surprised if he had done it.

Last night Lion got his punishment swats from Friday night. It didn’t make much sense to me to punish him before he was feeling better. Besides, this way I got to use the paddle with the rough, non-skid surface on it for maximum effect. Four hard swats turned his buns bright red. And then he went back in his cage. He grumbled a little bit about being locked up again. He said he enjoyed being wild. I told him maybe I’d give him more chances another time.

So why does he want to be wild now that we’ve both decided the cage is serving its purpose? Is he having second thoughts? Does he really want to be wild as in not locked up anymore? What would happen if he was no longer caged?

Maybe being faced with the prospect of being caged again is like going back to work after vacation. You may hate not being on vacation anymore but work is necessary. If I gave him a choice I don’t think he’d choose to be wild for good. We both realize that the cage is necessary for us, at least right now. Not in the sense that he will go back to masturbating every few days, but because it keeps us focused on us.

Lion’s wait time has been chosen. September 9 is his next orgasm, pending any rewards or punishments. He doesn’t know it yet but the following wait time has almost been determined. I am wavering between two dates. Either one of them will be a real challenge for both of us. But that’s next time. This time is six days away. It’s not the longest wait time. It’s also not the shortest. But it will involve an increase in anal training. And perhaps some form of teasing and/or playing every night instead of every other night. Lion will be happy to hear that.

After his vacation from his cage, I think it’s time to ramp up the intensity. Summer was exciting with all the trips and being outdoors. Maybe fall can be just as exciting indoors.