Release Day Came And Went

love coupons
Mrs. Lion gave me love coupons for my birthday. They give me lots of fun choices. I now have 15 coupons for various fun things.

Yesterday was my scheduled release day. Part of the fun was also to be a long play session in honor of my birthday. Fate stepped in and extended my wait. Yesterday morning I came down with a stomach virus. No release, no play, just a painful stomach. Mrs. Lion kindly offered me a rain check. So, when I feel better I will get to play and orgasm. A sore stomach was a big buzz kill for me. This is turning into a habit. In August on my release day I got food poisoning after eating at a casino restaurant. Fortunately for me, Mrs. Lion gives me orgasm rain checks. She doesn’t have to. After all, I was sick, not her. Some keyholders just make their caged males wait until the next scheduled date rather than giving their caged males release once they feel better.

So, my next scheduled release date was yesterday. Once I get my orgasm, Mrs. Lion will set the next date. Last night, she said that she had planned to let me run wild yesterday. I told her that I was glad she didn’t. I like wearing my cage. I prefer it stay on except for times when Mrs. Lion wants my penis uncaged. I may not always feel this way, but it just seems right to me that I stay caged at all times. I think I should only be out of my cage when Mrs. Lion wants my penis to get hard or there is a medical or other emergency.

I started thinking about  why I want it this way. I think it is because I don’t want to get hard except under the control and supervision of Mrs. Lion. It’s my bondage kink at work. I prefer “I can’t” to “I want.” In terms of our power exchange, things are progressing. Mrs. Lion is learning to ignore my growls and whines. She also seems more willing to make me wait longer.It isn’t the wait that I like; it’s the message that there is nothing I can do to make things happen my way.

That’s not entirely accurate. I do have my love coupons. Mrs. Lion gave me a bunch for my birthday. What ta thoughtful gift! I can redeem them for a day off my wait time, play session with an orgasm, and other thoughtful opportunities. I will have to choose when t redeem them carefully. If I use a “free orgasm” coupon, my wait time starts all over again. Mrs. Lion is very good at picking rewards.

I feel better this morning. Maybe tonight I can have some fun. I keep learning new things about myself. I like being caged more than I originally thought. I like being caged unless Mrs. Lion wants use of my penis. There are times it is inconvenient and even uncomfortable, but I love that it is out of my control.