For me at least, introducing forced male chastity into our marriage was a chance to live a fantasy I have had for a long time. I thought of it the same way I thought about bondage, spanking, cock and ball play, and other power exchange activities; as something that is fun to do . All those other activities fit nicely into one- or two-hour play sessions. I realized that chastity requires a longer time frame to be meaningful.

So, even from the start, I recognized that trying out male chastity would mean a commitment of weeks or months. After all, the entire point of forced male chastity is to withhold sex for the male even though he badly wants an orgasm. At its root, the experience is about preventing erection and sexual release for the male. Any guy can go for days without getting off without feeling his sexual satisfaction is really controlled by someone else. In fact, I think the vast majority of couples that play with male chastity do it for very short intervals, maybe just a weekend, as a spice to add to their sex lives.

Most of our readers, I imagine, want more than just a weekend of lockup. I, for one, didn’t set any end to the game at all. I figured that Mrs. Lion and I would see how caging me would affect our sex life and the power exchange that I have wanted. After four months it became clear to both of us that there were real benefits in keeping me caged. Our sex life improved and so did communication on other things as well. We decided to continue long term. We agreed that just saying this would be permanent would make it too easy to abandon. After all, forever is a very long time to agree to pursue something like this. So, we decided to continue, no excuses, until March 2016 at which time we would decide whether to continue for another period.

Now that we are in this long term, we have to consider how we have integrated chastity into our lives. The first issue developed when I had doctor visits where I had to undress. I was unlocked for several days to accommodate this. The decision to do this was a bit difficult for me. After all, I agreed to 24/7 lockup only to be released for hygiene or sexual activity Mrs. Lion wished to have with me. A couple of weeks ago Mrs. Lion unlocked me over the weekend we were traveling in our trailer. Peeing, in the RV bathroom was messy. I sprayed a lot in the small space and the shape of the toilet made sitting down a shower for my balls. Nothing like getting up in the middle of the night to pee, half asleep, and then having to deal with pee-covered balls. You get the idea. Also, hours-long drives required me to make frequent adjustments to keep my cage comfortable. So Mrs. Lion decided I could be wild during our trips.

This is the sort of sensible accommodations needed to make my chastity permanent. It is also very encouraging because rather than just abandoning the cage, we worked around the issues. Mrs. Lion also introduced “love coupons” into our chastity activities. She gave me coupons good for an orgasm of my choice whenever I use the coupon, or a day of being wild, etc. We wrestled with how to handle an orgasm coupon; does my scheduled orgasm wait continue or should the clock start again after I use the coupon? I suggested the clock should restart (I love her control!).

What we are learning is that the strict, never-get-out-of-the-cage approach to chastity is problematic over the long run. While it may be fun to sometimes extend waits, or require me to stay locked for weeks without coming out, as a general practice this sort of stuff wouldn’t work for us over the long term.

If chastity is a hobby or weekend activity, little thought is needed to make it work. Over a relatively short term, extreme behavior and activities can be fun. I like pain as part of play, but if I had to hurt all the time for the rest of my life, I  would be very unhappy. Mrs. Lion and I have decided that we want to continue our male chastity indefinitely. We have a check point in about a year and  a half, but our intention right now is that we will decide to continue. This changes the way we look at things. What we do has to be able to work for each of us for a very long time.

If you are new to male chastity, you shouldn’t even think about making it permanent. Agree to a reasonable period of time; a month is long enough to see how it affects your lives. At the end of that time you can decide whether or not to continue. It’s entirely too easy to get caught up in the excitement of living a fantasy.