The other day Lion said maybe his cock ring was too big. How is that possible? It’s metal. It didn’t get any bigger and he certainly hasn’t gotten smaller. He said he figures it needs to be an eighth of an inch smaller. Now an eighth of an inch is not that much. Does it really need to be smaller? Can’t he live with it? I’m thinking back to when we had the cage itself shortened. Once he got it back he thought it was too short. Finally he decided it was correct.

Last night he said he could no longer pee standing up. He wasn’t centered in the cage even though I had made sure he was centered when I put it on him Friday night. And he made it all day Saturday without issue. Suddenly it was not centered. How is that possible? Did his cock suddenly gain the ability to wiggle itself off center? I removed the screw and repositioned him to be centered. This morning he was peeing sitting down again. What the heck?

To fix the ring is a small fee and Lion has suggested getting a second one made. I assume that means having a smaller one made so we would have the original size and one that is an eighth of an inch smaller. But it would also mean not having the Jail Bird while the ring is done. Back to the Chinese cage. My first thought with the Chinese cage is that I hate putting it on him so much that I will just refuse to take it off him. This means an extended wait for him which would be fine if I could just leave him in it. But he needs to be teased every few days. Obviously the cage has to come off to accomplish that so I still have to fumble with locking him back up.

Part of me knows that Lion is never 100% satisfied. I don’t think the cage and ring will ever be perfect for him. I’m not sure why that is but it happens in the rest of our lives too. He can be happy with the way something turned out but next time he just knows he can do it better. Another part of me knows that Lion was at day five and that far into the wait time is when Grumbly Lion comes out. So is the ring really too big or is it just a reason to grumble? Is he really off center or is he looking for something to grumble about? I don’t know. It could be purely coincidental. We were both very sleep deprived and his allergies were very bad. Either one of those could cause grumbles.

I do know I need to do some manscaping today and he’ll definitely be getting attention above and beyond the shaver. I’m hoping that cures some of the grumbling.

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    It is true that your body can adjust a bit to wearing a chastity all the time–‘broken in’ as it were. This experience isn’t uncommon for long-term wearers.

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