Back to the Drawing Board

tired lioness
There are times it feels like owning a caged lion is a full-time job.

Ordinarily when I go a little too far and ruin Lion’s orgasm, I’m upset. For some reason last night it didn’t bother me. Maybe because I’ve been getting him closer and closer to the edge lately. Recently he’s started squirming more when I edge him. He really seems like he’s struggling. I kind of like it. Plus, with the ruined orgasm and subsequent ejaculate, Lion and I shared a snack. Not his favorite, of course.

He is still on track to have an orgasm on Thursday. We hit a bit of a rough patch with rewards and punishment this week. I don’t understand it. But, as I’ve learned in the past few months, I don’t have to understand it to do it. I do wish I could get some sort of handle on it, however. Sometimes it’s exhausting to think up things only to have it be for naught. Those are the times it would be easier to give up, but here I am battling back. Lion made the coupons so we’ll try them. I’ll do my best to come up with punishments and/or reasons to add days to his next wait, and rewards and/or reasons to shorten it.

There are times it feels like owning a caged Lion is a full time job. No wonder I’m always so tired!