I’ve noticed that sometimes I puzzle Mrs. Lion with my choices. Yesterday she commented on the fact that while I was doing much more around the house, I didn’t want her to reward me with less days till my next orgasm. The reason I have pitched in more is that she is working extra hours and if I get home before her, I can handle the laundry and dinner so she has a chance to relax after her long day.

I think other aspects of my behavior as a caged male are also puzzling to my keyholder. The first thing that comes to mind is why I would want to be locked up in the first place. I know that Mrs. Lion understands that I like her to be in sexual control and she also knows I love being restrained, but I think there is some confusion as to exactly why this particular set of activities are so exciting to me. I’m not sure I fully understand why either. I can say that I really like that we are doing this. I don’t always like being locked up. That doesn’t mean I want to run wild. It just means that sometimes I don’t like the little irritations, the difficulty peeing, or I am just grumpy and want to grumble. The biggest turn on to me is that I don’t have control. I like that I can hate being locked up and hate being horny and really hate peeing erratically and yet I still have to remain in my cage.  This sends the unmistakable message to me that I am not in control and it doesn’t matter how I feel about being locked up. That is my condition and it isn’t going to change. That’s the real turn on!

What about waiting? Mrs. Lion knows I love sex and I love to have orgasms. So why would I ask her to restrict me from such pleasure? This is a much more complex issue. In part, making me wait is another, very powerful way for Mrs. Lion to demonstrate her control. After all, the main reason to lock my penis in a cage is to remove my ability to decide when I will orgasm. The only way to demonstrate this control is to prevent me from coming when I really want to.

Some say that males who are prevented from ejaculating change and become more domestic and more focused on their partner’s satisfaction. That’s not true in my case. I am always interested in Mrs. Lion’s happiness and satisfaction. I’m not very domestic, but I have always done my share around the house. It’s only fair. So, in my case, at least, making me wait shouldn’t be a tool to get me to do the things I should do anyway. Some males have strong fantasies about losing the ability to come and being required to turn into domestic, subservient, sexless beings who serve their keyholders. I don’t share those fantasies.

Mrs. Lion seemed surprised that I wasn’t particularly interested in earning time off from my current 11 day wait. I don’t think I am saying that I will never be interested in earning an early release, just that right now I am ok with my 11 day sentence. Also, Mrs. Lion has never extended my wait for any reason. It seems to me that the knife should cut both ways. Maybe on some level I see “earning” time off as a way of topping from the bottom. However, if Mrs. Lion regularly extended my waits as needed and reduced them when deserved, then earning time off could be fun.

Another area that seems confusing to her is teasing and edging. Why in the world would I want Mrs. Lion to push me to the edge of orgasm over and over and then lock me up unsatisfied? I can see how this might appear cruel. It certainly violates something most women learn when teens; you don’t tease a cock unless you plan to finish the job. There are two distinct reasons why I want to be teased this way: First, it is a way to show me who is in control. No matter how badly I want to come, I am not allowed that extra second of stimulation. Second, being brought to the edge also takes me 99% of the way to an orgasm. I get to experience the building arousal and excitement and I feel myself losing control and getting ready to ejaculate. I love that. In fact, some people consider edging as the male equivalent of  female multiple orgasms. I wouldn’t go that far, but I do enjoy it. Of course, I pay for it later. I am left wishing I could have that extra 1% and my general horniness is increased for a day or two.

I think that understanding why I want what we are doing is a powerful weapon for Mrs. Lion. A keyholder that understands why her caged male wants things and also understands that he loves to hate other things, provides her with the ability to offer a deeper and more fulfilling experience for her caged male. More importantly, she can see that what she is doing is not cruel; it’s exactly what her caged male wants. They say that knowledge is power. This is certainly true in forced male chastity.