The Brink

Last night I decided to go back to anal training. Lion was plugged for about two hours. He said he’d rather have me pay attention to the other side. I was more than happy to oblige.

I edged him a number of times. Each time I got him closer and closer. He was actually writhing when I stopped. I think it’s the closest I ever got him without ruining his orgasm. Even afterwards when I brushed the head of his cock, he squirmed. I don’t know why he was so sensitive but I liked it. I wonder if he gets hornier when he knows how long he has to wait. Seven more days for him. Maybe there’s a tipping point. A six day wait is tolerable. A nine day wait seems a little long. A twelve day wait is an eternity. I just picked random numbers, but there may be something to that theory.

Lion is not interested in time off for good behavior. He wants to wait the full time. I’m not sure I understand this. In the past he’s said he wants the option for both punishment and reward. Now that I finally figured out a reward he doesn’t want it. The past few nights he has figured out dinner. Last night he did a few loads of laundry. It seems like he’s working hard to earn those days off. Or is he becoming the domesticated bottom who will lick my feet? I just got a mental image of Lion in a French maid costume. He’d look very cute, but I don’t think he’s becoming a domesticated bottom. I think he’s just trying to help out a bit more than usual and I appreciate it.

Now I have to think of another way to reward Lion. Back to the drawing board.