Sleepless Night

I have a lot of nights that I am awake for hours. Too tired to get up and too awake to sleep. So my mind wanders. And what it stumbled across last night was sort of enlightening.

I was thinking about Lion’s suggestion that I do reverse cowgirl anally. Given our current state of physical fitness (or lack thereof) I’m not sure it will work. More importantly, I’m not sure I want it to work. One of the reasons I want Lion to initiate is that for that period of time I am not the one doing. I am the one being done. I like the idea of him taking control and being the fucker instead of the fuckee. Maybe this is because of my tenuous grasp on being in control.

As Lion said, he finds it difficult to maintain an erection while standing or on top. In my opinion, to be in control, he has to be on top. He has to be the top. Since this might not be possible I think anal sex may remain in my past. Behind me, so to speak. And I’m ok with that.  If I wasn’t then I’d give the reverse cowgirl anal thing a try.