Last week, I had a fixed orgasm day. It was part of Mrs. Lion’s ongoing experimentation in forced male chastity. On Sunday I got my scheduled orgasm. It was amazing! Like Mrs. Lion, I am trying to figure out if I respond differently to fixed orgasm dates and not knowing when my next orgasm will come. I don’t think anticipating Sunday had much effect on me, though I did like knowing we were going to play.I really looked forward to that. In fact, planned play dates really work for me.

I think that Mrs. Lion is going to go back to no fixed orgasm date and plans to use the, “You can wait another day (week, month), can’t you, dear?” method of raising the stakes. This is especially challenging for me if she is edging me at the time. She wants to see how that method will work for us. I wonder what she will do if I say I just can’t wait another… I bet she will laugh.

Another possibility is to force me to wait until I am truly desperate and then do the “Can’t you wait, dear?” Of course that will drastically reduce the number of orgasms I get.  I’m not sure Mrs. Lion, or I for that matter, will be very happy with that. However, it is a valid and reasonable thing for Mrs. Lion to do.

This is the biggest chastity issue we face. Many of the more interesting activities only occur when my desperation to come is very high. That can take a couple of weeks or more. Mrs. Lion loves to make me come and I am not at all fond of being desperate. It’s ok sometimes, but I prefer less desperate and more satisfied; not that it matters. A mix of both might keep things more interesting. I do hate waiting.

In many cases, caged males want to be challenged by waiting longer and longer. Some want to be prevented from ever having another orgasm. In some cases, the keyholder has some reason of her own to want to minimize or eliminate male orgasms. Neither is true in our case. I think it’s fair to say that we have two different-but-complementary purposes: I want to be sexually controlled and disciplined, and Mrs. Lion likes that my chastity helps to keep her more sexually focused.

I value the benefits we get from our particular brand of forced male chastity. I believe that Mrs. Lion does too. Our challenge is to figure out how to manage my orgasms. It isn’t that we disagree or are unhappy. We just want to figure out what works best for us. What works for you?