Fortune Cookies

fortune cookie
Lion got a fortune cookie that started me thinking about keeping lion.

The other night we had Chinese food. Lion’s fortune was something to the effect of his meeting a new and exciting person. I joked that it was a good thing he’s locked up or he’d run off with this person. It really was a joke. And it really wasn’t a joke. I know that Lion does not have a wandering eye. He looks at the occasional tush, or remarks that someone on tv is cute, but he’s not likely to act on it. If he didn’t stray in the bad old days, I don’t think he’ll stray now. Says my rational side. My irrational side says he’ll be gone in an instant unless I keep him happy with sex and spanking and sex and teasing. And sex. Not that he’s all about sex, but this is my irrational side talking.

The truth is that both rational and irrational sides of me know that Lion is mine. He isn’t going anywhere. We’ve been together for too long and love each other too much to wander off in different directions. He’s told me if I ever leave him he’ll just sit outside my door and growl. I’m not sure what I’d do if he left me. It’s not something I like to think about. But I know I’m extremely lucky to have him. That’s why I do the things he wants me to do to him.

I want him to be happy. And if I can make him happy without making myself unhappy then I will do it. Who am I kidding? I’ll do things that make me unhappy if it makes him happy. Roller coasters, opera, etc. To be fair, saying they make me unhappy is probably going too far. I’d be happier if I didn’t go on another roller coaster, but it would not make me unhappy to go on one. It falls under the suck-it-up-and-take-one-for-the-team heading.

My point is that I do the things he wants me to do because I love him and I want him to be happy. To me that’s no more of a stretch than making him a dinner he loves even though I may not like it. Or watching a tv show he likes even though I don’t like it. It’s all part of the give and take that is a relationship. We’re coming up on our ninth wedding anniversary. We’ve been together almost twelve years. I think we’re in it for the long haul. Till death us do part. My nervous, irrational side just makes sure I don’t take it for granted.

[Lion — Mrs. Lion is stuck with me for life. Even if she doesn’t do a thing I like, she has me. And yes, if she ever left me I would sit outside her door and howl]