Read that as a mini vacation for Lion’s weenie, not a vacation for a mini weenie.

Last night I freed Lion, fully intending to edge him a few times and then perhaps, depending on his reactions, give him an orgasm. Instead, I pushed just a little too far and gave him a ruined orgasm. Damn! I hate that!

Afterwards, I decided to leave him wild. Why? I’m not sure. Am I tired of locking him up? No way! I guess I just thought, since the rest of him is on a mini vacation, then his weenie should have a mini vacation too. For how long? Who knows? I may let him run wild for a few more hours. I may wait till tonight. I’m playing it by ear.

I imagine Lion has mixed emotions about it. On the one hand, I’m sure he’s enjoying his freedom. On the other hand, I’m sure he’s wondering if I will ever lock him up again.  There’s no way I would ever not lock him up again. We’ve been through too much in the past six months to stop now. But that doesn’t mean I can’t give him a break if I feel like it. Granted, a long break would require a discussion, but I’ve decided a short one is well within my authority.

Will I give him his orgasm tonight? I think that depends on his reaction to being wild and his horniness factor. It could go different ways of course. If he’s really horny I may just laugh at him and make him wait anyway. Or I could take pity on the poor, pathetic Lion. I may not be certain about his orgasmic future, but I am positive he will be caged again by the time he falls asleep tonight.