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wearever incontinence underpants
Wearever incontinence briefs are the most comfortable and cage-hiding underpants I have found. I have been wearing them for months.

One of the subjects I don’t see much about is living with forced chastity day by day. There is a lot of stuff about how sexual deprivation affects us, but at least in my case, there is a lot more to the story. For example, I am unable to pee standing up without a strong risk of spraying my pants or the next urinal. Try as I might to center my urethra, I still miss a fair amount of the time. So I need to sit to pee. Even this has its hazards. If I spray, then I give my balls a bath with my pee. In a public restroom that means I need to use toilet paper to remove as much as I can. Even the logistics of finding and using the mens room changes. I have always made a point of avoiding sitting down in a public bathroom. Now I have no choice. If you’re a woman you are probably smiling. You’ve dealt with this all your life. I haven’t and I don’t want to. As they say, tough noogies. I know I will deal with it.

Bathroom visits aside, my cage is very comfortable and most of the time I am unaware I have it on. So I can’t complain about additional discomfort. I did have to change underwear. I wear briefs. The kind I had been wearing before being caged is a light, synthetic material that is very breathable, odor-free, and comfortable. My cage made a very visible bulge in these briefs and they tended to pull down around the cage and my balls. This was quite uncomfortable. Also, after peeing very often there will be late drips from the cage where some pee managed to wet me. This occasionally became visible on my pants since it leaked right through the light underpants. I decided to find a new solution.

After buying one pair of several types of briefs, I settled on a fairly unusual solution,Wearever men’s incontinence briefs. These underpants feature a permanent pad in the front that is designed to absorb urine and remain odor free. They are washable and retain their ability over 250 washes. That solved the drips. It also added a lot of comfort. The padding insulates the cage from my pants. It is invisible when I wear these. Yes, these underpants are a bit expensive, but after wearing them for over five months, I find that they hold up to weekly washing (I bought 7 pairs) and remain comfortable. One problem solved. I read on some forums about other males’ underwear choices. Most of them were women’s panties. Clearly not a forced chastity requirement. To each his own!

I sleep naked. I have for most of my life. The cock and ball ring on the cage keeps my testicles pushed out from my body. That means I can find myself putting weight on them when I lie on my side or even sit up in bed. This requires frequent adjustment. Good thing Mrs. Lion allows me to touch. If she ever decides I can’t, I will be doing a little wiggle dance to get things in the right place. All in all, the physical inconveniences are minor. They can be annoying, but certainly don’t impact my life enough to make me beg to be released.

Emotionally, the situation is a bit more difficult. Tomorrow I will give my take on dealing with the emotional challenges of being a caged male. Stay tuned.


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    I find that woman’s pads work great for me. At $.94 A Pack Of 10. They also keep me from ripping a hole in my underwear. I have been placed in permanent chastity. It is riveted on then I put jb weld over that. I do not agree with the term forced since like most men this is my idea and even though I took precautions and it would be alot of work I can still remove the device.

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      The term “forced chastity” refers to the fact that you are prevented from having sex by the use of a device. While most devices can be removed without permission, you certainly can’t just decide to have sex. It’s obvious to anyone who sees your penis that you aren’t supposed to use it for sexual purposes. We use the term to distinguish between the largely religious form of chastity which does not use any physical restraint. Finally, “forced” refers to the fact that we are in penis bondage and have given up control to another.

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