reverse cowgirl sex position
This is reverse cowgirl. In this position, both of us can freely thrust. This is my absolute favorite!

We have just returned from a long July Fourth weekend camping trip. Well, no tents or bedrolls, just our large RV. Mrs. Lion calls it a “camper”. I think of it as a luxury hotel on wheels that we tow with our truck. If you recall, I got a set of bed restraints for use in said camper. We used them once earlier this season. This time there were no restraints but a great deal of activity. My 12 day wait was up on Friday.True to her word, after making me wait hours and hours, she had me lie face down on the bed. She warmed me up with a hand spanking that had me hard in seconds. She followed that with a 1-inch-thick rubber paddle from my extreme pain collection. It had never been used on me. I used it on several sweet bottoms to their screams and later delight. Since we were at a state park, I did all my screaming into a pillow. Wow that thing smarts. Mrs. Lion wasn’t holding back. She made sure I was nice and red before she asked me to roll over (my favorite lion trick to perform).

Once on my back, she teased me very close to the edge a couple of times, then as promised, rode me reverse cowgirl. Oh I love that.! More interestingly to me, Mrs. Lion was very wet and ready from the first instant. Her sleeping libido must have awakened. That was such a treat! It didn’t take long for me to finish. Mrs. Lion lay on her back and told me to clean her up. I did a very good job, I think. She came at least twice and I had a great taste treat. I could smell her on my face for hours later. Yum!

This was amazing sex for both of us. Before I was locked up our sex life was very one way. Mrs. Lion would give me a handjob now and then.  On rarer occasions I would masturbate her. Not inspiring. Now, after my longest wait, twelve days, we had the best sex we have had in many years. I’m convinced that my wait turned out to be as erotic for Mrs. Lion as it was for me. It’s worth waiting if we can both be so happy.

After we finished, Mrs. Lion told me that my next orgasm would be in five days (Wednesday, July 9). I was glowing from the sex and thought that was a fine idea. Saturday we did touristy things and had a pleasant, if-not-romantic-day. Sunday was pretty much the same until that evening I mentioned that we shared very little affection the past two days. That’s unusual for us. We are always very affectionate. We got ready for bed. Mrs. Lion had a surprise for me.

She unlocked me and played with me, edging me a couple of times. Then she edged me once with her mouth. The second time she didn’t stop. I warned her that I was about to come. She went faster. I came. She said that she decided she didn’t get to taste me on Friday and wanted her snack. She said it doesn’t change anything. Does that mean I get to come yet again on Wednesday? I will have to wait and see.

July Fourth was the best ever! I feel that Mrs. Lion and I are turning each other on again. The fact that she was so wet and ready is a dramatic change. My long (to me) twelve day wait made me extremely excitable. I got hard instantly when she removed my cage. If waiting 12 days or longer can bring the kind of excitement we shared this weekend, then I will be very happy to be tree-humping horny as long as Mrs. Lion likes.