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Once given the power of orgasm control, extending the time is as inevitable as the tide coming in. With power comes control I am starting to feel Mrs. Lion taking my reins.

If you’ve been following along, you may have noticed that Mrs. Lion is taking a much more active role in my chastity. Over the last few days she has proposed new rules and yesterday announced that she was going to make me wait at least two weeks before my next orgasm. She also said that I will have to learn to control when I come; that she wants me to wait until she signals me before I can orgasm.

My reaction to these developments is mixed. On one hand it is exactly what I had hoped would happen. On the other, now that it is happening I am starting to worry a bit. I realize this is irrational. I couldn’t have believed that once I surrendered control of when I could come that I would be allowed release whenever I thought I should come. That would certainly be contrary to the reason I am caged. Knowing that doesn’t stop the reality from hitting me rather hard. Waiting nine days wasn’t all that easy, especially since Mrs. Lion kept my attention firmly focused on getting off. Tease and deny is a very effective tool for that. I realize that two weeks is just five days longer. Five days can feel like an eternity when my penis sends those little tingles up to my brain.

Some of those feelings remind me of when I was a cub and I just had to have that special toy. Life could be so dark and gloomy without that desired object. All these years later I can feel the little brat in me sending similar messages. But at least now I know that such petulant feelings will do no good. Another part of me is happy that Mrs. Lion is now taking the reins and I am definitely not in control any more. She really does own my most primal behavior. I absolutely can’t orgasm without her letting me.

She has also added a new, more difficult wrinkle; when she provides sexual stimulation, whether by hand mouth or vagina, I am not permitted to orgasm without explicit permission. I am pretty sure that right now I will fail miserably at that. I know from reading and conversations in the past that males can be trained this way. However, the methods are necessarily harsh to make it work. A fairly standard approach is to deal with “accidents” very severely. After the accident has been cleaned up by the male, a very unpleasant spanking follows at once. This isn’t the fun sort of spanking I normally get. I do like those! This is the kind where the keyholder restrains the male or sits on his back and really does a number on his butt with a nasty paddle. This is true negative conditioning.

Do I really want Mrs. Lion to do this? I’m ambivalent. I really hate that sort of spanking. Well, I’m supposed to. But I recognize the value of being trained to only come with permission. It makes me more sexually useful between authorized releases. Can I do it without many accidents? I am sure I can’t. I have no idea how to stop myself. So, if Mrs. Lion wants to train me this way, she will have to punish me severely in order to provide the negative conditioning needed to make it work. I will be very unhappy about it at the time. I know an accident will have repercussions beyond the painful spanking. It will almost by definition extend my waiting time before my next authorized orgasm. Am I proposing this practice? No, not exactly. I am reluctantly offering advice on how to succeed with this training. The fact is that I will have a very hard time learning this skill. Mrs. Lion will have to perform this training very regularly, almost daily, for it to work. This is one of those things that she has to decide she wants to invest her time in doing. I don’t have any choice either way.

There is a less violent possibility. We can use the shock collar to negatively condition me to orgasm without permission. This is far more humane. If I can tell Mrs. Lion just before I hit the point of no return (not always possible, but I think I can learn), she can hit the red (+2) button on her remote and the shock may be enough to distract me from the orgasm as well as unconsciously condition me not to orgasm without permission. I have no idea if this is effective. It is pure behavioral conditioning, so it might. The instant feedback, even if I do end up having an accident might actually work over time.

The thing is that of all the stuff we have discussed or tried, this particular form of training isn’t something I can simply do because she wants me to. I can’t even do it because I want to. It is behavioral conditioning of the most primal sort. I don’t know if I will ever succeed. But if Mrs. Lion wants to do it, I will try my best.


  1. Author

    hi lion… it looks like you got some hard work in front of you !!! So my best to you in your trials 🙂 I have a question.. where did you “guys” find that vibrator/shock collar for your balls ?
    kind regards Thomas K

  2. Author

    Thank you. I can see that you have done a lot of homework on this project. I do believe that my wife would think twice about this item until i get it on !!! Then she will see the light 🙂 Once Again, thank you.
    Thomas K

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