steam roller
Sometimes Lion is like a steamroller when he gets excited about an idea I express.

There are times that Lion overwhelms me. He doesn’t mean to. He just gets so excited. So darned excited. No, I don’t mean that kind of excited. He gets something in his head and off he goes. He really is like the little kid in his post. I see the toy. I want the toy. I need the toy.

Although I ended my last post saying I had two weeks to make up my mind what tasks he could do to earn time off, I haven’t actually decided he’ll wait two weeks. I’ve told him that. To no avail. He’s got it in his mind that he’s waiting two weeks. And he’s already playfully grumbling about it.

I also never said he would have to hold back an orgasm until I gave him a signal. I said I was thinking about it. But now he’s all riled up worrying that he’ll have to endure painful punishment swats. Maybe he should get swats for getting so excited.

The biggest problem with Lion steamrolling me is that I start to feel like I’m not doing enough for him. I know he’s happy. He tells me every day how well I’m doing. But I know he wants more. And that’s a daunting feeling. Sometimes I feel like Sisyphus, pushing the boulder all the way up the hill only to have it roll back down. I do something for him, he loves it, and immediately asks what’s next.

Of course it’s not that bad, but I do have to guard against it because if I’m not paying attention it can mess with my mind. And aren’t I the one who is supposed to be messing with his mind?

So maybe (do you hear me, Lion? MAYBE) he’ll get swats when he starts to steamroll me.


  1. Author

    I read his post before yours and I’m impressed with your own comments. Your Lion has mentioned before the value he puts on your Dominance of him and he is the absolute first to acknowledge that it takes bloody WORK to be a Top.

    A lot of people when getting what they want wonder how long the gravy train will keep coming. He’s not just middle aged men in chastity. My son will finish a Lego kit and then IMMEDIATELY ask his grandmother if he can open another one. No down time. Just on to the next task.

    I also think you’ve a good sense of the orgasms on command. Just the idea of physically training the body to be able to halt an orgasm (which is itself mostly involuntary) before it happens sounds daunting, and profoundly time consuming.

    As for other behaviors to try to correct? Maybe a bit of a time out for rushing off to assume things with a fair bit of time to reflect that thanks to his blog you now ~know~ he’s rushing off and assuming rather than having to guess. It’s a tough spot to punish someone for giving you insight into what they’re thinking and feeling.

    Most couples would kill to have that kind of open dialogue….

  2. Author

    Hi Mrs. Lion. I could swear that you are my wife !!!!! It sounds uncanny, but my wife deals with the same problem. I get some, and tomorrow i want more… It drives my wife insane. Your problem is my wifes problem. It must be why i love reading your post, i can relate so much !!!
    kind regards Thomas K

    1. Author

      Nope, she’s not your wife. She’s mine. It isn’t really all that bad. At least I don’t think so.

  3. Author

    no no no its not a bad thing, i just have to control myself, so she wont get tired of my grumblyness 🙂

  4. Author

    Professor, it is nice to have the kind of communication we have found through the blog. We are suddenly privy to each other’s thoughts. As far as Lion learning to come on command is concerned, we’ve decided to start out slow and see how it goes. And I’m not going to change his behavior regarding steamrolling me. It was more of a eureka moment than anything. I realized he does it so now I can be forewarned that it’s coming.

    Thomas K, does your wife read our posts too? She might gain some insight into your behavior through Lion’s behavior. 🙂

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