What’s in Store for Lion?

lion's orgasm forecast
If we change things so that Lion will get a lot less opportunity to orgasm, this could be his future. Click this image to see his orgasms to date.

I was looking at the chart of Lion’s orgasms on the sidebar. He was a very lucky boy in March and even luckier in April. Sadly, it tapered off in May and June. I bet he’s hoping July picks up again.

The other night I told him since he made it to eight maybe the next time would be a multiple of eight. He suggested binary. I countered with some form of exponents. Lion is a math guy. I don’t do exponents so I’d lose track quickly. Of course if I lose track I could always say I have to start over. Reset. Gosh I’m sorry. Starting over at one. No orgasm till some number to the nth power.

I also told him it wasn’t just him suffering because he’s not allowed to come. I don’t get to taste him so therefore it’s me who is suffering more. He didn’t buy it. Oh well. Worth a try.

So my pet made it nine days and I’m thinking of making him wait two weeks. I don’t know why he’s complaining. It’s not even a multiple of eight. And if he makes it two weeks, then what? This could get complicated.

Many years ago I made up little cards with tasks on them. Depending on which one he picked he would have to perform that task or have it performed on him. For example, he would get clothes pins on his balls or he would have to give me a tongue bath.

I was thinking I could update that idea with numbered cards. When I allow him to come he would pick a new card that would tell him how long he had to wait for the next orgasm. That way he’s sealing his own fate. I have nothing to do with it. If only he had picked a lower number. It’s out of my hands. Poor Lion.

The first idea that came to mind when I thought of time off for good behavior was to select a dildo and if he could accommodate that dildo by a certain day then he would get a day or two off his “sentence”.  Of course we’d work up to that size. I wouldn’t expect him to magically be able to take a monster dildo.

So far that’s all I’ve come up with. But I have two weeks to decide, right? He’s not going anywhere. Or should I say, he’s not coming anywhere.


  1. Author

    Interesting reading :). I can see that my orgasms are going to be few and far between. Life for this lion is about to change quite a bit I see. Mrs. Lion I’m very proud of you and I will do my best not to be too difficult.

  2. Author

    At Merry’s suggestion, I started my own online journal, Shilo’s Diary, in July 2013. Just did some research, in Aug of 2015, we played a game with dice and note cards to randomly decide how long I would be locked up, whether I would get tease-and-deny, or a full orgasm.

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