If At First You Don’t Succeed

old faithful
Last night I finished what I started and Lion erupted with a full orgasm.

Last night I decided to continue my lion torture. I was pretty sure I was going to make him come. A while ago he was hard the entire time I spanked him so I figured it would be an excellent way to get things started. After giving him red cheeks, complete with my handprint, he was not hard.

I was beginning to think that he was right. Maybe he needed another day or so to recharge. But no. A little bit of encouragement and he was very excited. I successfully edged him a few times. I think it may have been more times than I ever edged him at one time. Then I moved in for the kill.

I wanted the rest of my dessert from the night before. But I wanted to drive him a little more crazy before I took it. At the last minute I debated if I should keep teasing him and tell him he couldn’t come till I either tickled or grabbed his balls. When his hips started bucking I knew he was too close to get that fancy so I finished him off. I got my dessert and he got his orgasm meter reset to zero.

He never used to buck his hips into me. I like it. I first noticed it when I was riding him a few weeks ago. Usually he just lays there and pants a lot. It’s nice to have him more involved. Not that he doesn’t have other things on his mind at the time.

Now I need to decide how long to make him wait this time. Last night I was a pro getting the Chinese cage back on him so struggling with it won’t be an issue. We think his Jail Bird will be back this week so it will be even easier to put him back in after exercise. We aren’t scheduled to go away for another two weeks so…. Would that be cruel? Maybe. I could set that as my goal and go from there. Two weeks with time off for good behavior and extra time for bad behavior? Perhaps.


  1. Author

    Hi Mrs. Lion. My respects to your hard Work on the poor soul 🙂 You say that u do not know if two weeks is to long ! I would say no… But you could let him be in the dark about it, and a couple of days before, start giving him tease and deny, especially deny !!! He would not know what hit him, when you open the Cage, after two weeks, and give him the full throttle at the end of the two weeks !!!!!!
    Kind Regards Thomas K

  2. Author

    Lion gets even more grumbly when I ignore him, so making him wait without any tease and deny might just be grounds for divorce. If I do decide to make him wait two weeks I have at least one idea for giving him time off for good behavior.

    Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

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