(Wednesday, August 27, 2014) Tuesday night was teasing night in the lions’ den. Mrs. Lion decided to tease me orally. This is very intense. She got me very excited, nearly to the edge a couple of times and then went in for the kill. Once again she got me just past the point of no return. It was a pretty large ruined orgasm. When I calmed a bit, she returned to the scene of the crime and continued oral attention. The tip of my penis was very sensitive and she gave it a lot of tongue attention. I couldn’t help squirming. After a while, she stopped and let me calm down. I did remain hard after the ruined orgasm once again.

Later, we chatted a bit. I wondered (out loud) if the ruined orgasms have the effect of taking the edge off my desperation to come. Mrs. Lion said I could wait another week if I wanted. I said I didn’t. However today, while I am still horny and unsatisfied, I am definitely not desperate the way I was the last time I had to wait this long. Today is the tenth day (of eleven). At this point during my twelve day wait, the instant I was uncaged I was hard. Last night, it took a bit of convincing to get me to stand at attention. However, Mrs. Lion did point out that my erection was really large; she couldn’t get it all in her mouth. I have to admit that until now, I never gave a lot of thought to the quality of my arousal. I just thought of myself as hard or soft. Clearly, ruined orgasms change my sexual responses.

The tease session before last night (Tuesday) was on Sunday night. During that session I had two ruined orgasms. Afterward, during the night, I woke and found myself trying to get hard. This sort of response also happens after a full orgasm. The next day (Monday), I was fairly mellow and not particularly desperate for release. Tuesday, however, was a different story. Sex was on my mind a lot. I really wanted to come.

Today is like Monday. I am easy to arouse; just thinking about last night is giving me a chubby. But I also feel rather content. In fact, on Tuesday when I thought about Mrs. Lion making me wait longer I got pretty concerned. I didn’t want that to happen and I wrote about it in yesterday’s post. Now, as I consider Mrs. Lion’s threat of another week, I am not as upset. If Mrs. Lion decides to make me wait a little longer (not a week!), I won’t like it, but it won’t be as serious as I thought yesterday. This doesn’t mean that the extension isn’t a big deal, it just reflects my day-after-ruined-orgasm state of mind. Tomorrow, it will feel like the end of the world.

Mrs. Lion really enjoys delivering ruined orgasms. I love that she enjoys it. I hope she makes that a regular part of her lion teasing. I just think that she may need to consider my day-after state of mind in her plans for lion management. I don’t think I need 24 hours to recover my prior state.  I can already feel the desperation creeping back.

I know that a key part of sexual control is manipulation of my desire for sex. Edging keeps my interest in an orgasm in the front of my mind. Just being locked up without teasing will drastically reduce my desire to orgasm after a day or two. That’s why Mrs. Lion teases me every other day. It assures that I can’t forget that she controls my ability to orgasm.

If my thinking is correct, by tomorrow morning I will really want that orgasm. If Mrs. Lion edges me tonight without a ruined orgasm, then by Thursday I will be super desperate for that promised release. I knew that teasing played a bit part in my reaction to being caged, but I had no idea it is such a powerful tool for controlling me.