Failure (or One Reason I Dislike Tease and Deny)

broken egg
Last night I wanted to give Lion a mind-blowing orgasm, but my teasing went a bit too far and he got a ruined orgasm instead.

Lion told me about the video he shared in his post. I watched it and decided to try talking to him more while I played with him. I hadn’t decided if I would allow him to come yet, and that was part of what I was telling him as I stroked him. But at a certain point we got our signals crossed and I told him if he didn’t like my talking to him, I could think of a better use for my mouth. He never argues with that logic.

I had pretty much made up my mind that I was going to give him an orgasm, but it wanted to play with him first. I teased the tip. I did long slow thrusts. I did quicker thrusts. All with little breaks in between. None of these would make him come. Or so I thought. I was just about to tell him he could come and I’d be snacking on his semen when it happened. Another ruined orgasm. Crap!

I hadn’t meant to frustrate him. After eight days I really wanted him to have a mind-blowing orgasm. I don’t know why he puts up with my attempts to tease and deny him. Last night I told him he gets in my head when he tells me how well I do it. He builds up my confidence so I think I know what I’m doing. Well, knock it off! Obviously I have more work to do.

Now I have to hope Lion will be ready for his slightly-less-than-mind-blowing orgasm tonight. Even if it does feel good, it won’t be as good as an orgasm after an eight day wait. But I’m sure he will love it anyway.


  1. Author

    I wouldn’t consider it a failure. My KH was worried about doing something wrong when we first started. It took a while but I finally convinced her that there is no right or wrong, what ever she does is perfect. Now she is in her first trimester and morning sickness, I have been locked for two and a half weeks with no release. She still plays mind games, but I understand that she is just not up to play. I’m okay with it.
    P.S.- You and lion have such a wonderful relationship. Ive been reading since close to the start and it has been such a joy reading about how y’all grow as a couple.

    1. Author

      I’m just mad at myself. It annoys me that I go too far. I think by now I should have it figured out. If Lion oozed without permission he’d get punished. I guess I’m just punishing myself for the same reason.

      Thanks for reading! It’s great to have feedback.

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