ejaculating penis
Does this look appetizing to you? It doesn’t to me. But effective immediately it will be my post-orgasm snack.

(Saturday, June 21, 2o14 6pm) It’s my eighth day since my last orgasm. This is the longest I have gone since being locked up in February. It may be my all time record. I don’t know. If it isn’t, it’s close. Last night I awakened several times. This isn’t unusual and I don’t think it is related to my sexual deprivation. I do this most nights. However, last night my mind was definitely on sex each time I woke up. It’s been on my mind all day too. Mrs. Lion hasn’t done anything to encourage me to think this way. I am wearing my shock collar (no shocks so far today) and I got a few swats on my bare bottom for starting breakfast before Mrs. Lion. When not engaged on domestic activities, I retrieved a video that I had seen a few years ago about tease and denial. This video (now here on this site. You can find it here) is a real-life keyholder giving her caged male some “yard time”. I was particularly taken by what she said. It was obviously very natural, and frankly really hot to me. I really like how she related to her partner. It is sexual and features full nudity. To date, this is the only video I have seen that has not only the ring of truth, but also turns me on.

Mrs Lion’s post yesterday (Saturday, June 20) proposed some rules for me. The first being a fulfillment of the fantasy I had expressed in a previous post. This fantasy started after six days of denial. In it, I was required to eat any semen I produced. My analysis of this fantasy was that I wasn’t asking to eat semen right after I come — most men don’t want any part of it at that time — I truly don’t like eating my semen. I think the fantasy was my mind working out a negotiation to end my dry spell. Maybe if I offered to eat it, Mrs. Lion would get me off. It’s true that I have been fed it before. Generally, when I am required to eat it, Mrs. Lion just gives me a little drop or two. Once, she did ask me if she made me come, would I eat my semen. I agreed and I ate it. It has a nasty aftertaste, but otherwise just a yucky texture. Now I see that unless she has me ejaculate in her mouth, I will be at the least, sharing my bounty. Fair enough. Give me a chance to make some and I will consume it! Of course, if it is a ruined orgasm, I will still have to eat it. Oh well, a lion has to take the bad with the good.

Actually, I am really happy she has decided to consider these rules. She created them and it shows she is evolving and more willing to consider things for herself. I like that a lot. These rules, in particular show that she is thinking about controlling me. That’s what I asked her to do. I am beginning to think she is starting to find practical value as well as some fun in this new arrangement.

I also like that you are sharing this with  us. In one sense I am blushing a bit. You now know that I am a regular semen-eater. Your knowledge of this very intimate and somewhat humiliating tidbit represents a significant increase in my vulnerability level. It’s one thing to read about my fantasy and then read that Mrs. Lion is thinking of making me do this, and another thing entirely to learn I am going to do it and I will report these events in Lion’s Adventure each time I do it. If you care to know, you already have full knowledge of all things sexual about me since my lockup by reading these posts and following my adventures. I wish I could give you a logical reason why I decided to do this. Am I an exhibitionist? Do I want public humiliation? Am I crazy?

Well, I don’t think I am the first two. The third you can decide for yourself. I can’t provide a rational explanation for all this. I just feel it is the right thing for me to do. Mrs. Lion and I are both profiting from reading each other’s posts. Your comments and emails have been wonderful support for the two of us. Thank you for taking this trip with us. It means a lot.





  1. Author

    Although you must know Lion that your fantasy is not uncommon, I understand the “blush” of admitting it. My Pet would feel the same way. I have not followed you for very long and have not read all of your previous posts so I am not sure if my suggestion to you has been tried by you and Ms. Lion. My Pet and a I keep a very small tupperware cup in the freezer with any semen in it collected from those times he is allowed to ….well for better words cum on my cock. I pop it in a glass of warm water to unfreeze it, and usually insert it into my self for him to eat. He loves it in this fashion… not so much after he cums but we have been working on that. ; )

    1. Author

      My only experience is consuming it immediately after I produce it. Many years ago I had the pleasure of Mrs. Lion straddling my face after I came inside her. I liked that flavor. We taste good together. But I am not terribly fond of my semen a-la-cart. However, I agree that it is the right thing for me to do as a good bottom.

      1. Author

        We have a rule that has recently come in to place. “What comes out must go back in”. It is not always easy to enforce but my Pet like you, strives to be a good bottom boy.

        1. Author

          That is our new rule with the exception that Mrs. Lion can keep some if she wants and if I come in her mouth, she keeps it all.

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