atom bomb explosion
I am at the point where all I can think about is that wonderful moment when Mrs. Lion lets me explode with pleasure.

(Friday, June 13, 2014) Ok, ok, I asked for it. Mrs. Lion is letting me stew in my cage. Don’t laugh! I know many caged males get an orgasm a month or less. Well, if you check out my history you will see that Mrs. Lion has been treating me to several orgasm a week. I know that I whined here that I would like to wait longer. The last time I had an orgasm was last Sunday. It’s been five long days. In that time, she did unlock me and tease me to the edge once. Other than that, my penis has been behind bars.

Some time ago when I had to wait a few days, I noticed that I get grumpy about three days into denial. It happened again this week. Last night I was very horny and woke up a couple of times with an erection (or what might be one if I were wild). The erections didn’t wake me up. But I was trying to get hard at least those two times. In a prior post Mrs. Lion said I think about sex more now than when I was wild. It’s true; I do. My mind drifts frequently to thoughts of exciting sexual activities: being masturbated, corrected with my collar, being tied up, etc. All of those thoughts end with my orgasm.

Does this mean Mrs. Lion should take pity on her poor, caged lion and give me an orgasm forthwith? Part of me thinks that’s a splendid idea, and part of me wants her to decide when I finally get off. I do hope that whether I get to come or not, my penis gets out of solitary for a while and gets to stretch and play a bit. I also hope that even if Mrs. Lion has no plans to let me squirt, she would still tie me down and play with me.

This is a fairly new concept for us both. Without exception, every time we play (other than punishment spanking), it all ends with a delightful lion orgasm. Similarly, in the past, every time I got Mrs. Lion off, she reciprocated by getting me off. Wednesday and Thursday I gave her fun sexual attention while caged and she made no move to see that I was also satisfied. I think that this change makes perfect sense in the context of my forced chastity. I am learning that sexually exciting activities do not automatically result in a happy ending for me.

This is something of a shock to me, and I suspect, to most males. We spend our lives knowing that at the end of every sexual session we will be spilling our seed somewhere; either by our own hand or in a partner context. This is not the case anymore. The do-it-myself option has been taken off the table and Mrs. Lion is the only person who can provide that relief. Aside from the obvious top/bottom implication, it represents a most powerful loss of control that a man can sustain. To me, the well-educated and well-read lion who has endless experience at BDSM and academic chastity knowledge, this is coming as an emotional and physical shock. There is a big difference between knowing I can only come at Mrs. Lion’s pleasure and experiencing the frustration of being unable to scratch that very persistent itch.

I really wish I could come. I want to so badly! Wow, I’m even whining here. My whining should have nothing to do with Mrs. Lion’s decision as to when I finally get relief. I know that and I am happy she does too. My interest in intellectual chastity chit-chat is diminished too. I just want to feel Mrs. Lion stimulate me and experience the tightening in my abdomen and legs, my toes curling as I explode. I can honestly say that if I weren’t securely locked in, I would take matters into my own hands.