Grumbly Lion

unhappy lion
Lion is unhappy I am giving him what he wanted. I’m proud of myself for being strong.

Lion is funny. He swears he wants to be denied. The other night he told me he might have to be restrained when he’s wild. Last night he was mumbling under his breath abouth being horny. Then he told me I seem to be having an easy time denying him.

Well, no. It’s not easy. It may be amusing, but it’s not easy. Remember, I’m walking that tightrope. To stay on the wire I have to maintain my focus of what he wants despite his protests, grumbling and mumbling. It would be easy to fall off the wire.

When he was grumbling last night I told him I’d feel bad for him if he hadn’t told me just the other day that he wanted me to make him wait for an orgasm. That part has gotten easier. I can laugh at him for being a toddler in that respect.

Also last night, he did his nightly initiation of sex. I’m not sure yet how I feel about that, but I applaud his determination to conquer that obstacle. So last night he started fingering me and it did feel nice but I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to have an orgasm. I told him he could stop. He asked if it felt good. When I said yes he told me if it feels good he’d like to keep doing it. After a while he did stop and said he would be upset if someone stopped doing something to him that felt good. Silly Lion. I do that all the time to him!

Maybe I’m finally getting the hang of making him wait. I just need to find the humor in it.