Ruined Again

ruined orgasm
Ruined orgasm feels like a crashing door and after a bit, sticky semen just oozes out. Humiliating and frustrating for me.

(Sunday, May 25 2014)You’ve heard of “butt dialing”. Yesterday, I got butt zapped. Mrs. Lion had the remote for my invisible leash (Shock collar) in her pocket. She mentioned that in her post yesterday. At one point she must have bent over in a way that pressed the lion shock button. I jumped. She looked at me strangely. “You just butt shocked me,” I said. She smiled. In the past she would have been upset that she did something that hurt me without intending to do so. Now, she is amused. In her post the other day she mentioned how she was poised to use me for her pleasure. Last night, however, she decided to edge me over and over. She is clearly experimenting to see how far she can push me without generating a ruined orgasm. Last night she got very close three times. The fourth, she went just a stroke or two too far. Nothing happened at first, but after a minute or two a sticky fluid appeared; not much, just a big drop or two. My erection disappeared and more fluid escaped. It was another ruined orgasm. This one, however, was so close to just being teasing, my body had only the barest amount of stimulation to trigger a very pathetic ejaculation. It was very frustrating. Yet, I was done. I was unable to get hard again.

I always thought that as long as there was some semen still stored in the prostate, repeated ruined orgasms were possible. I know other males experience that. We didn’t really try to see if I could too. When I got soft, Mrs. Lion put me back in my cage. In a way I am frustrated. I long for the intensity of a full orgasm. On another level, I don’t feel aroused; not satisfied, but not aroused. This could be a function of my age. Sex isn’t as  urgent as it used to be. It also may  be due to the fact that Mrs. Lion hasn’t yet used me for her pleasure.

The essence of forced male chastity is, I think, that not only is the caged male deprived of sexual satisfaction, but that his keyholder gets very frequent satisfaction. The male has to provide this pleasure without receiving any for himself. He has to smell and taste her arousal and orgasm. This is, of course, naturally very arousing. Unfortunately for him, all he gets is the arousal without the opportunity to orgasm himself. I haven’t experienced that  yet, but based on what I am reading and  hearing, I will. I can’t help but wonder if I may regret wanting to be caged. I also wonder if unselfishly providing pleasure will open up new emotional connections for us. I don’t resent my ruined orgasms. I do feel intense frustration and regret, but no resentment toward Mrs. Lion. After all, as she likes to remind me, I asked for this.

One of the concerns she mentioned in her post was that I might orgasm before she is done with my cock. This concern and the reality that maintaining an erection in all intercourse positions is difficult for me, has led her to consider me using a dildo. I will be a bit jealous of the dildo, but I want to make her happy. Her post also mentioned something that means a great deal to me: she expects to get pleasure making me do these things. In the past she has said that she likes doing things for me, but not getting direct pleasure herself. When she begins this new program, I will get more edging, ruined orgasms, and waiting and she will get frequent orgasms I provide with my mouth, cock, and toys. Sounds like a win-win to me.