Playing In The Shower

shower head
Showers and the shower massager used to be very arousing.

Before being caged showers were fun sexually. Very rarely I would masturbate in the shower; I’m a jerk off lying down kind of guy, but I would find the soapy water and shower massage stimulating. I would almost always get an erection and really enjoy the sensations of wash, rinse, repeat. Certainly this is harmless enough. However, lately things seem to have changed. If I am uncaged for cleaning I still get an erection, but the sensations are not nearly as interesting as before. Even when caged, the rinse water does make me swell, but again without much of the very pleasant feelings of days past.

I’ve been unable to masturbate since January. Being caged certainly puts a crimp in that. I can’t say that I’ve missed it. Even after days of teasing with no orgasm I still don’t feel tempted. I don’t even think about it. The only change has been my cage and the changes that come with it. I can’t say that my sex drive has diminished. Lioness has observed that when she teases me, my erections get firmer and more urgent every day that passes between orgasms. Yet this urgency persists only while Mrs. Lion is giving me sexual attention. It’s true that I do get late night/early morning erections and they feel good. But even then I don’t feel the need to get release.

I know that one reason for being caged is to prevent such temptations and to put all of my sexual pleasure in the hands of my keyholder. The cage does a good job of making that point. However, that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t want to get off on my own. At least I didn’t think so. As far as I know, Mrs. Lion hasn’t been on a campaign to condition me to only get arousal and orgasm from my keyholder. Somehow it is happening anyway.

Does this happen to most men after being caged for a while? Is this a normal kind of self conditioning? I don’t know. This turn of events certainly helps achieve one of my goals as a caged male: to have my keyholder control when I am able to come. Now the cage isn’t the only barrier to unauthorized ejaculation. My own mind seems to be preventing serious arousal without my keyholder. If nothing else changes, it’s very clear to me that getting myself off isn’t in the cards.