I’ve been caged for about three months now. Most people tend to report their first day as though they understand what being caged means. They don’t know. The first impressions are largely colored by the pain and other discomforts a new, poorly-fitted cage can cause. Or they are busy experimenting with exactly what happens when they get erect, etc. There’s nothing wrong with that. We all do it. But the more significant changes happen more slowly.

I didn’t think that having my penis locked up would make any profound changes in my life. After all, while I really like sex, it isn’t at the front of my consciousness most of the time.  At the time I asked to be locked up, our sex life wasn’t very active and I hoped it would improve with chastity. I also felt there was little to lose. Up until the cage went on I had masturbated once or twice a week. It wasn’t a big deal, just feeling horny and acting on it. Mrs. Lion has less libido than me and I figured I was just saving her the trouble.

As I look back at the last three months I realize that I haven’t been able to masturbate once. Mrs. Lion does free me occasionally to shower and do an extra good cleaning. The cleaning invariably makes me hard. But I haven’t felt any serious temptation to do anything but enjoy an unfettered erection. I don’t know why, but I really don’t want to masturbate. It feels like cheating. I think it is since I no longer have ownership of that part of my anatomy. Honestly, that concept (someone else owning my cock) seemed silly to me when I read about it in the past. I understood that a cage reduces access, but I really couldn’t make sense of the idea that possession could transfer to my keyholder. I know that is how the game is played, but I didn’t think I would internalize that concept and actually believe at the deepest level that my keyholder owns that part of me.

Even writing about this concept seems odd to me. Intellectually it doesn’t make sense that someone else can own my sex organs and my sexual pleasure. Yes, it does make sense that I can be prevented from getting release with a physical device. But I am surprised that the cage isn’t all that stops me from independent sexual action. It is my understanding that I don’t have that right anymore.

Sound silly to you? I’m sure that if you are a keyholder  these comments will seem odd. Women and men are very differently wired sexually. Both do want release and satisfaction, but women consider sex part of a much larger experience and may be willing to forgo sex in favor of other kinds of satisfaction. I don’t really want to generalize too much here. Everyone is different. My point is that male sexual interest is much more focused on orgasm and ejaculation. The physical act takes on a life of its own. So, for a man losing the control of his sexual release is a singular event.

Oddly, losing control of my penis has brought my sexual needs more sharply into focus. You can see that in my writing here. I think that I expected something like this to happen, but not at such a profound level. My cage is part of me now. I want it in place. I’m not really sure why, but I do.

Most of the stuff written by caged males is about how they turn into simpering slaves of their keyholders; how they suddenly want to rub their feet, serve them in any way they can. Frankly, that hasn’t happened to me. I don’t feel an irresistible need to do that. But I do feel a real need to do what my keyholder wants, to please her. You might think that I should have always felt that way. I did, but those feelings often got displaced by external things in life, my own needs, and laziness on my part. Now, my priorities have subtly shifted. My attention is much more focused on my keyholder.

Does that mean I will turn into that simpering slave and depend on lioness to guide me through life? I don’t think that will ever happen. I am my own lion, so to speak. I am independent by nature and I do generally lead our relationship. I take care of many of the chores and decisions that keep us going. However, I am hoping that the changes brought on by the cage to both me and my keyholder will add some new balance and excitement. I am certainly surprised that in less than ninety days so much has changed.

Another very significant change is that my interest in sex has gotten much stronger. Before I was caged, I really wasn’t all that interested. Very gradually that interest has increased. I stopped waking up with “morning wood” a few years ago. That’s back now. I wake up once a night to pee. More often than not I am hard when I do.  I can’t explain exactly why this has happened. I am getting a lot more keyholder attention. I think that has turned on an internal switch that has restored a more normal level of arousal. I am very happy about this change.

When I first asked to be caged, if you asked me if the cage would be more than a sex game to be shared with my keyholder, I would have said no. If you asked if I would consider forced chastity a lifestyle, I would have laughed. How could a little stainless steel cage over my cock change my life and actually make sex better? How could this cage stimulate a new kind of relationship? I guess the cage itself didn’t, but its persistent presence forces me to see things differently and when I do that, it forces my keyholder to look at me and sex with me differently as well. Somehow, wearing that little cage day and night effects big changes in the wearer and those close to him. Cool, isn’t it?