No Orgasm Can Be Satisfying

(Thursday, May 1 2014) If you asked me three months ago if I thought that I would be sexually fulfilled after being caged, I would have said that isn’t possible. Obviously my cage limits my opportunities to have orgasms, so it stands to reason that I would end up frustrated at least part of the time. If you’ve followed my adventures (sidebar), you know I have had lots of opportunities to come. Sexual deprivation has not been my lot so far. That’s changed somewhat this week.

Beginning Monday, lioness began a new game. It’s pretty simple. She unlocks me, plays with me until I am nice and hard and then sets a timer and masturbates me. If I don’t orgasm before the timer buzzes, then she stops and can lock me back up for at least another day. The first day she set the timer to three minutes. I didn’t make it. She tried again a few times, each time letting me rest and lose my edge. No luck. Back in the cage. Tuesday and Wednesday were more of the same. This time the timer was set to two minutes. After calming down she tried again, but set the timer to just one minute. The third try I had 30 seconds. No luck again. Now it’s Thursday and I have been teased and denied for the last three days. I find myself very hard (well not hard, but bulging out of my cage) every morning. But the funny thing is I’m not frustrated.

I expected to be climbing the walls with all this stimulation and no release. However, I’m not. I feel oddly satisfied. Don’t get me wrong, I really, really want to come. But the attention and stimulation are rewarding too. I wonder if this is what women feel when they don’t orgasm but still feel satisfied. We males are very goal oriented. Sex for us is a race to ejaculation. Anything less, we are taught, is failure. Our partners learn that it is wrong to leave a man unsatisfied. In the beginning, I think I would have fully agreed that it would be wrong to lock me up without a chance to come.

I now have to disagree with that. It isn’t wrong or cruel to tease me and lock me up. The attention and teasing in and of themselves bring me a feeling of satisfaction. In fact, since lioness prior to Monday had been making me come every day, I have to say that I was less satisfied under that regime than I am now. Since my keyholder reads this, I have to be sure to say that I really want to come more than just once in a while. Daily is too much, but I am sure there is a point when it will be too little.

Many men on the Web have written about their feelings as their inability to come extends into weeks. I don’t want to experience that. I have never had a desire for long term deprivation. However, if it pleases my keyholder I can be happy with less orgasms than I originally thought I wanted. It turns out that sexual attention without orgasm brings its own satisfaction. If I had read that before starting, I wouldn’t have believed it. Being locked up without sexual attention would certainly be much worse. I hope I never have to experience that.