Lion’s New Tasks

I do some of my best thinking in the shower. Yesterday I had some good ideas.

Ever since I moved in I have been the breakfast maker. Lion says he can’t function at that hour. If you could see me in my sleepy stupor bouncing off the hallway walls on the way to the kitchen some mornings, you’d know that I frequently cannot function at that hour either. And sometimes it’s difficult to come up with something other than the same old, same old. On Sunday, Lion made French toast. Yum! While I was in the shower I wondered why can’t he do this more often? Ding! Lion will be in charge of weekend breakfast! Yay me! Excellent idea.

Yesterday afternoon I had to do some manscaping. Lion likes to be bare down there. Actually he likes to be bare from his belly button down to his upper thighs all the way around. Not really sure why. So I took out the hedge clippers and sheared him. When I got out of my shower, I decided to shave my legs. And the thought occurred to me. If I manscape him, why shouldn’t he womanscape me? Ding! Another excellent idea!

Lion had no problem with making breakfast on the weekends. He knows it doesn’t have to be elaborate. Cereal is ok some mornings. He is nervous about womanscaping though. He doesn’t want to cut me. I have assured him that with the electric razor there is little chance of hacking off my limb.

I’m very happy with my ideas. And a little proud of myself too. It’s been difficult for me to wrap my mind around topping him. Perhaps I just need to take baby steps.